Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back to the chalkboard

Back to the drawing, er, chalkboard!

Not only am I obsessed with Gallery Walls...I'm also obsessed with chalkboards!

It all started a long time ago, when I first saw Miss Mustard Seeds huge chalkboard.

I love her style....I mean who doesn't!

Then I made a few chalkboards for my booth over the last few months, like these...

But want I really wanted a HUGE chalkboard just for ME! 

And when I saw this huge, ugly picture at Goodwill one day for half price, just $7, I knew I had found my chalkboard. (Excuse the awful glare, this is the only before photo I could find.)

A couple coats of Salem Red Milk Paint, some distressing, and about 5 coats of chalkboard paint (painted directly onto the heavy cardboard type print) and AWESOME large chalkboard for my kitchen!

And what about that menu??  My kind of meal. LOL

So, what do you think?  Are you loving chalkboards as much as I am these days?