Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm leaving you behind!

Yes.  There.  I've said it!

I'm sorry...but you are just not working for me!

I've tried to change you, so we could make this work. 

But it just isn't going to happen after all.

The truth matter what I do....I always come back to THE COTTAGE!! 

So, I'm done trying to make you work in my life!!!

I need that warm embrace of time worn love.  And as you are, you just cannot be that for me.

So, my dear, dear, dear living room...I'm leaving your current look behind!!

This look, while the yellow walls were always TOOOOO yellow and were going to need to be changed, was more, shall we say...ME.

Because, let's face it.....

My whole life I've dreamed of living in a cottage!! :)


So, here's the story.

This look...

....was using what I had when I bought and moved into my first home!  Well, first home I owned.  

Most of that stuff I had for years.

Within a month of buying my house, I had repainted every surface of the house, and had most stuff unpacked and the house decorated.  I mean, I owned everything I needed already and had already decorated it in my head before I even bought the house! :)

Two weeks after we moved in...I met a man!

Actually, it was more like a boy...but technically considering he's my age (36) we'll call him a man.

Things moved REALLY fast.  Way too fast!  And I swear within a couple months he was staying at my house most of the time.

He owned his own home as well...about an hour and half north of Indy.  But right about the time we met he had gotten a new job in Indy.  So, it was kind of a convenience thing. 

He'd stay with me during the week and then I'd go up there on the weekends to his house.  (Doodle was at Grammy's for the beginning of this...although she had met him a couple times before she left.)

He knew he was going to need to sell his house and move to Indy, so slowly his 'things' started moving into my Indy.

Have I mentioned my house it 950 square feet?!?!?  And he was close to being a hoarder!!!!!!!!

But because I lurved him (bluk), I wanted to make him feel welcome.

He liked a more modern compromise ensued. :\

That's how we got to this look....

Can you feel the choke of sterile grabbing hold?? 

He didn't like throw pillows!  Who doesn't like throw pillows?!?!?  I should have known there! LOL

I had artwork he had purchased in New York framed...and I hung them in MY living room to make HIM feel more comfortable. 

Then he started moving MORE stuff in!  And eventually my house felt like this!

And so I started selling some of MY that darling rattan coffee table!  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I am bitter!) ;)

After just over a year, I lost it and threw him to the curb.  But the process has left my house in shambles!!  It's still not recovered from his time there!

What was once an organized, darling, little house...has been in limbo ever since!!

Since I had sold stuff, and purchased new stuff, like orange curtains and pillows to try to add warmth to his cold and impersonal decor, I felt like I needed to use them.

That's how, even though he was gone, we ended up here....

and here....

and yes, eventually here....

And while I don't hate this look.  It has a very nice, warm, uncluttered, more updated isn't the cottage I dream of!!

It doesn't have that time worn appeal that I love!! 

It doesn't have RED or GREEN!!  And guess what....I love red AND green!!

It doesn't feel like you just stepped in from the beautiful garden and can just wrap up with in the warmth that only a cottage can make you feel!!!

So, I'm leaving this look behind! 

I don't care how much those curtains cost me...they are already gone!  ($60 at Target by the way...that's how much they cost...$30 a panel...just in case you were wondering.) ;)

And while some of my old pieces are gone....some are not!  And they will be making there way out of boxes in the garage and back into the house.

And I found the most beautiful inspiration piece last weekend at Homegoods!!!

I was able to purchase this with a $50 gift card I still had left from Christmas...which makes it even better. :)

So, now you know how I've gone through so many looks in such a short period of time.  I actually don't change looks that often, but I think because I got away from what I love, I was never going to get it right again until I went back.

Do you ever do that?  Try a new look only to find yourself back at your old stand-by's? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Book Review - Radical

Ok, so when my blog buddy, Melissa at Kaufman's Cottage (you can see her guest post on WBMF here and check out her blog here) wrote about Blogging for Books not too long ago it peeked my interest.

I like to read.  And free books...where do I sign up! :)

So, sign up is what I did!

I'm not paid for my reviews.  I receive the book for free to read and then review.


Here is where I need to insert...I do not typically discuss religion on my blog.  Actually, I have probably never discussed religion on my blog.  And it's not something I plan to do often.  Not because I'm not a Christian...I absolutely AM!!!  But I figure a design/crafting blog is not the place for those discussions.

But it is possible when you see a book review from me, it will be of a religious nature. 

I just wanted to preface with that.


The book I chose to read was a book by David Platt called Radical.

I think this book should be required reading for anyone who calls themselves a Christian!!

I cannot tell you how much I was dreading reading this book. I had read other reviews and just was not excited at all about it. But by the time I finished the first chapter I was hooked.

This book has alot of raw honesty. An honesty I think some people might even take offense to. But if you call yourself a Christian, how can you argue with logic that says in America we are content with the comfortable version of God that we've created in our churches? How do you argue that the money we spend on a multi-million dollar mega-church with lots of added in entertainment for us, could have fed hungry children around the world? Or sent missions across the globe to spread the world of God? How many Bibles could have been handed out instead? And I love that he explains in detail WHY it is our duty as Christians to be doing these things...ALL OF US.

This book really makes you take a hard, and I do mean HARD, look at yourself and what sacrifices you are making to make sure the unsaved have a chance at being saved!

He really makes you question, "am I doing what God has COMMANDED me to do? Or waiting for someone else to handle the 'dirty' work so I can observe from a comfortable distance?"

What I think I loved most about this book is that David uses direct quotes from the Bible to get his points across. It's not just his opinion. He uses countless stories in the Bible and also real life stories of people doing God's work.

If I had to state a negative about the book, I think the ending was lukewarm. He sets up a "experiment" in the end, basically a guideline for the reader to follow over the next year. But I think it's unrealistic to think that every Christian is being called overseas. I understand the point he was trying to make, but let me listen to what God is directing me to do, please don't 'command' me to do what you think he wants done.

But seriously, outside of that, this book was so eye opening for me!!!  I HIGHLY recommend it!!! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pottery Barn Madness!

First let me say, I'm sorry I've been somewhat MIA this past couple weeks! 

With my paying job coming to an end next week, it's been C.R.A.Z.Y! 

It's bittersweet.  I'm excited about this new chapter in my life.  But I've never been without a job in my entire adult life.  So for that....I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! 


So, what does a girl do when she feels like she may never have an extra dollar again?

She shops of course!! :P

Ok, so maybe that's not the brightest idea...but yes, I've done some shopping.

Last Friday night I was Doodle free.  I needed to return a pillow to Homegoods, so I figured I'd take the long way (meaning not the highway) and stop at every freakin' store between work and there stop at Pottery Barn to pick up the latest catalog since I somehow have been removed from their mailing list.

I had ABSOLUTELY no intention of buying anything because, let's be honest, their stuff is over priced and I'm about to be unemployed. 

BUT....this past weekend Pottery Barn was having a sale!

Not an ordinary sale people!  I'm talking an 'out of season' bonanza!!! was an extra 15% off of the sale price!

It was like I had died and gone to Pottery Barn heaven! 

Sure, the Snooties were looking at me like Goodwill had come to the Burbs because I was buying "last seasons" stuff...but whateva'.  I loaded up my little basket with all sort of goodies!! 

Like this Indian Corn for $4.97!!  Regularly $16.99!

Oh, and $4.97 is PRE-15% off because let's face it...I stink at math and I'm so unorganized I have no idea where the receipt is that did the math for me! LOL 

It was a good deal so let's just leave it at that. ;)

Ok, so then we have the package of fall leaves. 

I'm totally not thinking fall right now (I'm pretty much just chanting SPRING at this point), so I have no idea what I'll do with them.  But I'm sure come October my head will be swirling with ideas for them. 

And for $1.37...yeah, I'll take them please. :) 

I had to really usher restraint...because I really wanted to buy the whole lot of them!!!  But who needs 10 boxes of fall leaves when they can barely find a place to put an extra bottle of shampoo. :\

Anywho...then we have this box of Sedum Clippings.  They only had one or I would have bought more of these.  They were $3.97 (reg. $16)!

Don't you just love that deep red in those? 

I got the last 2 of these FABULOUS old looking gold (brass?) bells!  I HAD. TO. HAVE. them!

How much you ask?

That's right my it and weep! 

$0.47!!  And must I remind you...that's pre-15% off!  Booyah!!

(I guess 15% off $0.47 isn't enough to 'booyah' about...but again, whateva'.)

I picked up a few of these little travel tissue holders for $0.40.  I figured they would make nice stocking stuffers or just an addition tuck in to a gift basket.

And this toile make up bag for $6.99!  Regularly $12, so not a major steal, but I'm thinking Christmas gift! :)

I got 2 candles for a song...$6.99 each!  They smell just like Chai Tea!

I'm sure the Snooties saw this little ragged edge and thought 'no way, not even for $6.99'.

And last, but certainly not favoritist (is that a word?  Probably not) item I purchased.....a wooden tray for $6.97 (reg. $29)! 

I am so completley in LOVE with this thing! 

I have no flippin' clue what I'm going to do with it yet.  I've seen people put pictures and things in these and put them on the wall, but very honestly, I think I just want to lean it on a shelf as a backdrop of sorts.  I guess we'll see.

So, there you have it!  My Pottery Barn Madness!!  I know shopping should be the last thing on my list...but come on!!  How could I pass up these goodies!  

I got all this POTTERY BARN goodness, at a real live PB store for $37.33!!  They had to put it all in a.....big bag!  Woohoo! ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

In honor of Valentine's Day....

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to show you something I am totally in LOVE with!!

Well, besides my Doodle and our menagerie of pets, of course. ;)

No, what I'm talking about is my.....Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop!!

Yes, it is THAT awesome that it is totally Valentine worthy! :)

I may have mentioned before, or maybe I haven't.....I HATE to clean!  Seriously, despise it.  BUT...I also hate a dirty house.  Yeah, that's how I work unfortunately. :\ 

So, once in a blue moon I must clean. 

The bathroom is my least favorite and my second least favorite is mopping.  So you can imagine what mopping the bathroom does to me! LOL 

Anywho, know why?   Because running mop water is messy and it takes to dry!

I tried the Swiffer wet pads, but my heart hurts when I just throw those things away (yeah, yeah, so I can be a bit of a tree hugger) they also take forever to dry.

In comes Mr. Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop to steal my heart!

He comes with all kinds of accessories, like this triangle jobby that actually makes cleaning around the toilet easy!  *Be still my heart!*

It has two different size regular heads...and cleaning pads that can just be thrown in the high efficiency wash!
It comes with this little cup for filling up the tank with water (which also is handy for the iron...that is if you iron...which I don't).
And all you need is good 'ol WATER!!  No chemicals, just water!  And then steam to your little hearts content...which is what I did yesterday.

It dries almost instantly!  Within a few minutes at a minimum, which means less time spent waiting to walk on your floor.  Which makes my impatient self a much happier self! ;)

So, there you have what makes my heart pitter patter on this Valentine's Day! ;)

With all seriousness, I hope you each get a chance to enjoy those you love today!  :)

(Oh, and just so we are clear, I don't get paid diddly for my opinion, it is simply opinion on a product I own, use and love.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

My one and only Valentine!

No...don't get excited.   I have not met my dream man. 

Actually, let's be honest...I've not met ANY man. LOL

The ONE would one and only Valentine craft.

Yeah, Valentine's is not really my 'holiday'. 

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's crafts and all.  But I think something about being divorced and single for, oh, like seven years probably plays into my V-Day bah-humbug-ism. ;)

But in the spirit of blogging, I did do one craft.

I bought this plain wood heart at Michael's last month.  I didn't know what I would do with it, but I figured it might inspire a little Valentine craft.

And once I finally decided to work on it, the idea came to me.

First, I painted the heart with red craft paint...I planned to cover the heart with burlap, but I knew the red would show through a bit.

So, of course the next step was to cover the red painted heart with burlap. 

I used Modge Podge. 

This scared me!!!

I swore you could use MP on fabric...but when it looked like goopy white glue, I panicked!

But I figured at this point if it didn't work, it was too late to do much about it.  So, I waited for it to dry.  And thank goodness, once it dried it was perfect!! :)

Then I used 2 small sheets of red felt I picked up from the kids craft section at Wal-Mart for like $ .30 each.  I cut out circles, using the bottom of the Modge Podge container as my circle template.  I'm not going to show you how I made these, because let's be honest, everyone in blogland has already made them...I'm slow on the uptake. LOL

I just hot glued the flowers to the outside of the heart (and covers the rough edges of the burlap).

It was okay, but it felt a little too plain to me.  So, what to do?

Add some leopard print ribbon of course!! :)

First i just added the hoop to hang it by, but then I decided to try to hand at making a flower.  So using ribbon I already is my finished, one and only Valentine Day decor. :)

Excuse my awful pink's on white poster board so I have NO idea why it turned pink.

There it is people!!  My extent of Valentine decor.  I know your impressed. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Faux Books

Months ago, like back in the fall, I picked up these faux wood books at Goodwill. 

I had planned to turn them into Halloween props...but never got around to it.  A couple weeks ago I ran across them in my garage and new exactly what I needed them for!  I only paid $ .50 each.

I painted the edges of these beauties, covered them in scrapbook paper and distressed them both.

This one is my favorite!!

What did I do with these new little beauties you ask?

I paired them with my topiary from last week and a Dollar Tree bird similar to this one and another thrift purchase I made many moons ago that has been sitting in my garage...a terrarium.  I only paid $3.99!! 

I got my terrarium at one of my favorite thrift stores here in Indy, Wheeler Mission Thrift Store (and it helps the homeless shelter and provides jobs for the previously homeless!).

I left it all rusty because I thought it was beautiful just as it was. :)

See how beautiful my little books look under the bird!! :)

And now you know what I did with my topiary ball too!! :)

Where is this sitting in my house, you ask?  Oh...that's a surprise for a much later date. ;)