Friday, February 11, 2011

My one and only Valentine!

No...don't get excited.   I have not met my dream man. 

Actually, let's be honest...I've not met ANY man. LOL

The ONE would one and only Valentine craft.

Yeah, Valentine's is not really my 'holiday'. 

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's crafts and all.  But I think something about being divorced and single for, oh, like seven years probably plays into my V-Day bah-humbug-ism. ;)

But in the spirit of blogging, I did do one craft.

I bought this plain wood heart at Michael's last month.  I didn't know what I would do with it, but I figured it might inspire a little Valentine craft.

And once I finally decided to work on it, the idea came to me.

First, I painted the heart with red craft paint...I planned to cover the heart with burlap, but I knew the red would show through a bit.

So, of course the next step was to cover the red painted heart with burlap. 

I used Modge Podge. 

This scared me!!!

I swore you could use MP on fabric...but when it looked like goopy white glue, I panicked!

But I figured at this point if it didn't work, it was too late to do much about it.  So, I waited for it to dry.  And thank goodness, once it dried it was perfect!! :)

Then I used 2 small sheets of red felt I picked up from the kids craft section at Wal-Mart for like $ .30 each.  I cut out circles, using the bottom of the Modge Podge container as my circle template.  I'm not going to show you how I made these, because let's be honest, everyone in blogland has already made them...I'm slow on the uptake. LOL

I just hot glued the flowers to the outside of the heart (and covers the rough edges of the burlap).

It was okay, but it felt a little too plain to me.  So, what to do?

Add some leopard print ribbon of course!! :)

First i just added the hoop to hang it by, but then I decided to try to hand at making a flower.  So using ribbon I already is my finished, one and only Valentine Day decor. :)

Excuse my awful pink's on white poster board so I have NO idea why it turned pink.

There it is people!!  My extent of Valentine decor.  I know your impressed. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. I love your heart Erin. The rosettes were a perfect addition. I have never worked with Mod Podge. I need to pick up a bottle so I create some gorgeousness such as you did!

  2. Every girl needs a little Valentine's no matter what your relationship status is!

    Well done my friend!

    Many Blessings,

    PS - Was the felt hard to work with?

  3. So cute! Very sassy with the leopard print!

  4. oh it is great. and i am not much for valentines day is my bah humbug day. haha

  5. Very cute! I love the addition of the leopard print. Happy weekend!

  6. Love it! Great Valentine. I will be yours, haha. and I know the 1st time I used MP on burlap, I panicked too and also on other fabrics but it turns out beautful. And I love the leopard ribbon. Happy v-day!

  7. I am impressed Erin! I love the burlap mixed with the flowers! It is good to know that Modge Podge works so well on burlap too.

    Thanks for stopping by my bog and leaving me a sweet comment about my headboard:)


  8. It is darling! Love the burlap and the flowers.

  9. I LOVE your phrae 'bah-humbig=ism'. Ha! I swing from being like that to being ridiculously sloppy and sentimental!! I just can't makew my mind up.

    I really like your Valentine's craft. I've got some mod podge in a drawer...but I'm too scared to use it!!


  10. I actually laughed when I saw you incorporated lepoard print into your Valentine's craft! Only you!