Monday, February 14, 2011

In honor of Valentine's Day....

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to show you something I am totally in LOVE with!!

Well, besides my Doodle and our menagerie of pets, of course. ;)

No, what I'm talking about is my.....Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop!!

Yes, it is THAT awesome that it is totally Valentine worthy! :)

I may have mentioned before, or maybe I haven't.....I HATE to clean!  Seriously, despise it.  BUT...I also hate a dirty house.  Yeah, that's how I work unfortunately. :\ 

So, once in a blue moon I must clean. 

The bathroom is my least favorite and my second least favorite is mopping.  So you can imagine what mopping the bathroom does to me! LOL 

Anywho, know why?   Because running mop water is messy and it takes to dry!

I tried the Swiffer wet pads, but my heart hurts when I just throw those things away (yeah, yeah, so I can be a bit of a tree hugger) they also take forever to dry.

In comes Mr. Shark® Steam Pocket® Mop to steal my heart!

He comes with all kinds of accessories, like this triangle jobby that actually makes cleaning around the toilet easy!  *Be still my heart!*

It has two different size regular heads...and cleaning pads that can just be thrown in the high efficiency wash!
It comes with this little cup for filling up the tank with water (which also is handy for the iron...that is if you iron...which I don't).
And all you need is good 'ol WATER!!  No chemicals, just water!  And then steam to your little hearts content...which is what I did yesterday.

It dries almost instantly!  Within a few minutes at a minimum, which means less time spent waiting to walk on your floor.  Which makes my impatient self a much happier self! ;)

So, there you have what makes my heart pitter patter on this Valentine's Day! ;)

With all seriousness, I hope you each get a chance to enjoy those you love today!  :)

(Oh, and just so we are clear, I don't get paid diddly for my opinion, it is simply opinion on a product I own, use and love.)


  1. Does this work good on ceramic tile...if so I will be in love with it too.(-:

  2. I love my Shark Steam Mop as well. :)

  3. I got one of those for Christmas and I too hate cleaning especially mopping. Maybe it has to do with our names. HA HA


  4. I have one and LOVE it. If it broke today, I'd run right out and get another!!!

    Extreme Personal Measures

  5. Erin, I always thought about these, but never saw one that small! I was reading what other people wrote and it is something I have to get!


  6. I used that on tile floors at it was great! Hope you had a very lovely Valentines day!!~ XO

  7. That sounds like a great idea. Easy sounds good to me!

    And for the recrd you TOTALLY should get paid...are you listening Shark company???