Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm leaving you behind!

Yes.  There.  I've said it!

I'm sorry...but you are just not working for me!

I've tried to change you, so we could make this work. 

But it just isn't going to happen after all.

The truth matter what I do....I always come back to THE COTTAGE!! 

So, I'm done trying to make you work in my life!!!

I need that warm embrace of time worn love.  And as you are, you just cannot be that for me.

So, my dear, dear, dear living room...I'm leaving your current look behind!!

This look, while the yellow walls were always TOOOOO yellow and were going to need to be changed, was more, shall we say...ME.

Because, let's face it.....

My whole life I've dreamed of living in a cottage!! :)


So, here's the story.

This look...

....was using what I had when I bought and moved into my first home!  Well, first home I owned.  

Most of that stuff I had for years.

Within a month of buying my house, I had repainted every surface of the house, and had most stuff unpacked and the house decorated.  I mean, I owned everything I needed already and had already decorated it in my head before I even bought the house! :)

Two weeks after we moved in...I met a man!

Actually, it was more like a boy...but technically considering he's my age (36) we'll call him a man.

Things moved REALLY fast.  Way too fast!  And I swear within a couple months he was staying at my house most of the time.

He owned his own home as well...about an hour and half north of Indy.  But right about the time we met he had gotten a new job in Indy.  So, it was kind of a convenience thing. 

He'd stay with me during the week and then I'd go up there on the weekends to his house.  (Doodle was at Grammy's for the beginning of this...although she had met him a couple times before she left.)

He knew he was going to need to sell his house and move to Indy, so slowly his 'things' started moving into my Indy.

Have I mentioned my house it 950 square feet?!?!?  And he was close to being a hoarder!!!!!!!!

But because I lurved him (bluk), I wanted to make him feel welcome.

He liked a more modern compromise ensued. :\

That's how we got to this look....

Can you feel the choke of sterile grabbing hold?? 

He didn't like throw pillows!  Who doesn't like throw pillows?!?!?  I should have known there! LOL

I had artwork he had purchased in New York framed...and I hung them in MY living room to make HIM feel more comfortable. 

Then he started moving MORE stuff in!  And eventually my house felt like this!

And so I started selling some of MY that darling rattan coffee table!  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I am bitter!) ;)

After just over a year, I lost it and threw him to the curb.  But the process has left my house in shambles!!  It's still not recovered from his time there!

What was once an organized, darling, little house...has been in limbo ever since!!

Since I had sold stuff, and purchased new stuff, like orange curtains and pillows to try to add warmth to his cold and impersonal decor, I felt like I needed to use them.

That's how, even though he was gone, we ended up here....

and here....

and yes, eventually here....

And while I don't hate this look.  It has a very nice, warm, uncluttered, more updated isn't the cottage I dream of!!

It doesn't have that time worn appeal that I love!! 

It doesn't have RED or GREEN!!  And guess what....I love red AND green!!

It doesn't feel like you just stepped in from the beautiful garden and can just wrap up with in the warmth that only a cottage can make you feel!!!

So, I'm leaving this look behind! 

I don't care how much those curtains cost me...they are already gone!  ($60 at Target by the way...that's how much they cost...$30 a panel...just in case you were wondering.) ;)

And while some of my old pieces are gone....some are not!  And they will be making there way out of boxes in the garage and back into the house.

And I found the most beautiful inspiration piece last weekend at Homegoods!!!

I was able to purchase this with a $50 gift card I still had left from Christmas...which makes it even better. :)

So, now you know how I've gone through so many looks in such a short period of time.  I actually don't change looks that often, but I think because I got away from what I love, I was never going to get it right again until I went back.

Do you ever do that?  Try a new look only to find yourself back at your old stand-by's? 


  1. I love the new look! My husband hates throw pillows too, but with him, a kid and a dog they always end up on the floor anyway, so I use them on the less used furniture and not the main couch! I love the rug, it's a great look. and the coffee table looks a lot like one I have that I just painted.
    Love the new wall color and everything else about this room!

  2. What a great post! I can hardly wait til you get your house back to you and your style. I know what it is like to look around and think that there is nothing that says "me" in this house.

  3. Follow your heart in decorating!! Should I be worried, my honey is moving in in May and already my couch has to go... Oh no... but after 6 years, I think we can compromise. Looking forward to your transformation!

  4. Glad you're in a better place! I love the new look. I drooled over that rug at Target many times! But I know how you feel, you want your home to be a reflection of you and the things you adore! So go for it!!!!

  5. Oh honey, your home is your haven, it should be all that you want it to be. The heck with what any "man" wants. It's YOUR home. I have to be honest, I like both looks. They are different, and appeal to me in different ways. Enjoy rediscovering your cottage. ;O)

  6. Good for you! Change, it's a comin'!

  7. I know the feeling well. I love my family room but it's been 10 years and needs a makeover...trouble is I love everything in it and can't figure out how to make some changes but keep it all the same. Does that make sense? The cottage look is fun because you can get so many items for it at yard sales and flea markets. So have a blast! xo

  8. I am so glad you kicked him to the curb, why is it that we women always give up everything we love for a man!! It looks fine, but you are right it is not cottage, so slip cover those sofas and make some girlie pillows and do what you and Doodle love, get your girlie back!


  9. I am happy that you are going to make your house your home! It is not fun living in a space when it just is not you. Take your time and I sure your dream cottage will become a reality.

  10. I'm happy that you're going back to what YOU love! :)

  11. I have always been a 'suit myself person' when it comes to: what to wear, the garden and interiors. My wonderful husband always gave me full rein and usually loved what I came up with, so I have probably been spoiled in this area. I think it is exciting that you are returning to what you love.

  12. Go for it girl. I love the cottage look. I live alone so my colors are all pink, green and girly. Love it.

  13. P.S. I got the bird tray at Pier 1. It is so me.

  14. Yay Erin!!! I'm so glad you got the bird tray! Isn't it fabulous! :)

  15. Hi Erin what a great post and I love the new print you purchased at Home Goods. Gotta LUV that store!! That's a great coffee table you have would you consider painting and distressing it. That would definitely give it a cottage look.Have a great weekend, Martina

  16. Martina - It is on the to-do list!!! :)

    Although what I'm doing just yet is still up in the air. LOL

    We use that table for EVERYTHING! We do crafts, homework, eat sometimes, you name it. So it has to be durable.

    I'm leaning towards staining the top a darker stain and then painting and distressing the legs. But we'll see as everything else pulls together it might be straight paint. :)

  17. I wish I lived in a white washed farmhouse and I love the cottage look as well. Neither of them are in my foreseeable future though. Looking forward to seeing the living room transformation

  18. I like your current look, but I favor the cottage look the most. I don't like his look at all. You're going to have so much fun "cottagying" it. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

  19. I totally get this back and forth thing and I have been there. I think that eventually, like you have discovered, you really only get the good feeling out of your space when you decorate it in the style that is at the heart of what you want. I am a cottage fanatic and have been working at that look for some time now....slowly and on a budget. You will get there. I am looking forward to checking back in. Your newest follower. Love you to come back to my blog and help me reach the 'cottage' dream.

  20. I love this look, but I completely get needing to surround yourself with what YOU love to make your house feel like your home. I'll love watching the progress!

  21. You go girl! Make it what you want it. And if you still don't like it, change it again! I have realized that I will never be 'done'.

    Thanks for the comment on my living room re-do. I have realized that those bookcases might have to go. Stay tuned!

    Can't wait to see how your room evolves!

  22. Hi are too cute! It is hard to find just the right look. But you seem to be going in the right direction for what you like. I love the yellow walls, of course I would, because mine are:)

  23. I love the yellow walls and the reds with mixed in. Of course, yellow is my favorite color and who doesn't dream of living in a cottage? Join the club. decorate until your heart is content :)

  24. Ha! I'm just in the middle of changing the look of my hallway but more importantly one of my family rooms. Problem is, I NEVER liked it. But it was hard to sell of most of my stuff for a fraction of what I paid for it. But..we do need something fresh once in a while, no matter how we come to those changes. I do like the new sage green walls, and I'm thinking of that colour somewhere in my house. (LOVE green) I think you did a good job and cleaning house, (literally and figuratively) lol

  25. I'll bet you find cottage pieces you like even better than you had originally. My guess is you'll have a bit of evolved cottage of your previous one. Good luck!