Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I won!!

A long, long, lonnnnnggggg time ago.....back in December...I won my first ever (and only once since) give-away! 

I won a $25 Pier 1 gift card from the absolutely adorable (and pregnant!) Greta at Modern Garden!!

I didn't mean for it to get this far away from me!!  I'm sorry Greta!!!

I had told Greta, back in December, I wanted to wait to use my gift card because I didn't want to use it for something Christmasy...I wanted something I could look at everday!

So, I waited and about 3 weeks ago, once I figured they were pretty clear of Christmas and their regular stuff was back out, I went and used my Pier 1 Gift Card from Greta!

Can I just tell you how much fun I had!!!!  They have SO many wonderful things right now!! 

But, here is what I ended up getting with my gift card!

Picture Borrowed from Pickles and Cheese because my camera is BROKEN!

This gorgeous tray is called the Petite Metal Tray with Bird from Pier 1!  Although, I'm not sure why they call it petite...there's nothing petite about it!  It's a regular size tray. :\  

Anywho...for three weeks I have moved this beautiful tray around my living room and then into my kitchen trying to find the perfect spot (which is why I hadn't posted about it until now - and the whole broken camera thing too!  (Although keep your fingers crossed my replacement comes today!).  I don't want to use it as a tray, I want to display it sitting up, like art!

While it sat on my kitchen counter, I decided I love this tray so much, I wanted to use this tray as the inspiration for my kitchen!!! :)


Way back before I had many followers, I posted about my kitchen and showed you the sad before and the updates that have been made...mostly with paint.

Well, not much has changed since that September post.  Wait!  No...let me rephrase.  NOTHING has changed since that post! ;)

My kitchen still needs some serious accessorizing!!! 

The colors will stay the same, because, well I LOVE and still, almost 2 years later, ADORE my kitchen cabinet colors!!!  Plus, my tray will go nicely with them too!

Here are pictures of my kitchen (from September...but it looks JUST like this still):


So, here soon, I will begin....Operation Decorate Kitchen! :)

Just as soon as I finish the other side of Doodle's bedroom. ;)

So, once again, let me thank Greta at Modern Garden for the generous giveaway she hosted, which I won...that is now inspiring a whole kitchen!! :) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Need Inspiration?

Are you looking for tons of decorating inspiration...all in one place?

I found an new and totally awesome blog for you to check out then!!   It's called, Inspire Me Heather!!

Actually, I should say Heather found me and left a sweet comment on one of my posts.  In case you don't realize this, when you comment on my blog, one I always reply back (unless you have that horrible no-reply blogger, which you can fix by reading this, and then I can't)...AND I always make a visit back to your blog!  And if I haven't then I apologize and it was a complete and total oversight!  I promise! 

I do this because I like to meet people and I like to know who I'm talking to and whose reading my it's just courtesy if someone takes the time to stop by your blog you should return the favor. :)

Well, Heather, takes alot of the work out of the way for you!!  And I mean ALOT of the work!  Her blog has to take a crazy amount of time for each post!  Seriously folks, check her out and you'll see what I mean!

She takes a project, for example I was looking at white kitchens, and then she creates links to all these other wonderful blog posts and pictures all guess it....white kitchens!!  (Plus the picture of her white kitchen is GORGEOUS!)

Seriously!!  It's like an inspiration gift...all boxed up with a pretty ribbon for you!! :)

She has other projects of course, like Black Walls, Letters and Numbers, Dining Room Tables, Upholstered Headboards, etc! 

AND...she is having a VERY generous giveaway right now until January 31st!

All you need to do is become a follower of her blog and leave her a comment!
And if you post about her giveaway you get a bonus entry (which I didn't even read until now!  I swear! LOL  I just wanted to send people her way because I liked her blog!)
So...go check her out!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Pet Party!!

Debbie over at Debbiedoos Blog is having a Pet Party today!!

In case you haven't figured it out by my side bar...we love our pets!! :)

First we have Bubba!

Bubba is the oldest 'baby' around our house.  He is about 7 years old.  Everyone always asks what kind of cat he is because he is so beautiful.  Doodle and I were looking through a Cat Fancy magazine at the library one day...and there was a picture of a cat that looked just like Bubba!!  It was a Ragdoll.

Now, after some research, we don't dare think he is 100% because those things cost a small fortune and my uncle gave me Bubba when they were 'downsizing' pets.  Plus, Ragdolls have blue eyes and Bubba has green eyes.  But he has the look and DEFINITELY has the personality. 

He is the friendliest cat you will ever encounter!!  He thinks he's more a dog (or human) than cat.  He goes completely limp when you hold him.  He LOVES kids.  He loves anyone and everyone who will pet him. 

He gets pushed around by the other pets because he's so easy going.  He is truly a baby! :)

Other names include, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Bubbalou, Bad Kitty, and Stink Pot.

Then there is Fritzy. 

Fritzy is about 3 years old.  We adopted him from a rescue that was showing their cats at Pet Smart. He was so tiny he fit in my hand.  He fell asleep in my hand while I scratched his little neck...and I was sold!

Fritzy is a cat only a momma can love. :)

He is a Marmalade (which is fancy wording for 'orange'). LOL

He's not near as fond of strangers as Bubba, so he will probably be hiding in my bedroom on the other side of the bed if you come for a visit.  But he is always around under foot when it's just me and Doodle.  He will get in my lap 100 times a day if that's how many times I sit down and get up. 

He is the dinner announcer!  Boo (as I usually refer to him as) LOVES to eat.  And he wants to make sure all the other pets know when it's time for dinner too.  Although if they touch his food he will smack them up side their head. LOL

He performs what I refer to as "Fat Man Eat" on a regular basis.  This is where  he lays in front of his bowl (because of course its too much work to stand), drag little kibbles out of the bowl and pulls them to him and eats...all while laying down.

Other names include:  Boo, Boobety Stank, Fat Man, and Manny Cat.

Then we have our Belle of the Ball and our newest addition, Lucy!!

Lucy is a 3 year old Pug.

Lucy belongs to my brother who was just transferred to Japan with the Navy.  So, we agreed to take her while he was gone...but let's be honest...he's not getting her back. LOL  We ADORE her!!

She fits perfectly into our household.  She is a funny little thing!  And sweet, and loving, and hyper at times, and well, just precious!!!

Other names include:  Lucy Lou, Snorts, Snots, Boogers and Snots, and Bugsy.

And last but not least, we have Simba, the Leopard Gecko.

Simba is probably not the pet that will appeal to the masses, but he is one of ours all the same.  (He is bigger and much fatter now, then he was in this picture, we need new pictures.)
Reptiles are not really my 'thang'.  But in a weak moment, Doodle convinced me to let her get one.  And this little guy has just weaved his way right into my heart as well!!
Contrary to what some may believe, he actually has personality.  He is a friendly little guy.  We take him out of his cage at least every other day. 
Doodle lost interest in him after the first couple weeks.  So, it's mostly me hanging out with the little guy.  He sits on my shoulder or under my hair most evenings while I craft or watch TV.  He's the happiest when it's just me and him and it's quiet.  He will sit on my chest and stare at me.  And I swear he SMILES! 
His skin is scaley, obviously, but his fat tail is soft as velvet!! 
He eats live crickets about once a week...which is actually kind of fun to watch him hunt down. 
Other names include:  Simmy and Simmy Simmy Coco Puff.


And that's about it folks!! 

Every pet (yes, even Simba) has their own song.  Fritzy even has two. LOL

I have declared NO MORE PETS in our tiny little house! LOL  But I wouldn't get rid of any one of these precious furry (and scaley) family members!! 

They bring laughter into our home everyday and are very much entwined into our everyday lives! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Have a Secret!

That's right!  A BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE secret! :)

And it has NOTHING to do with my blog by the way.

It's totally and completely personal...although my blog could have some positive impact from it.

Yep...I will officially be unemployed as of March 1st. 

There isn't enough work coming into the company to keep me busy and they can't justify the expense of two admins any I was offered part time or leaving.  I chose to be laid off.

This is not the good news of course.  The good news is:

Starting in the fall....I am going to be a.......FULL TIME STUDENT!!!! :)

Yes, almost 37 year old single mom, is going to finally finish college!

How can I afford to quit working and go to school, you ask.

Well, thanks to Mr. Dave Ramsey and his motivating books, by March my only debt is a very small mortgage payment!!  So, we can survive on unemployment until something else comes along that will fit into the school schedule.

But the second part of this is thanks to my baby brother (and my service in the military)!!

At Christmas, while home visiting with family, my brother and I were talking.  As I've told you before, my brother is on active duty in the Navy.  We got to talking about education and he was shocked when I said I didn't know anything about the Post 9/11 GI Bill!!

I told him, once you are out of the military, they don't exactly keep you on their memo list! :)

Essentially, because I was still active duty in the Navy during and after 9/11, I qualify for a 4 year education package at a state university and they will pay for it, plus a book/supply fee, and a small monthly allowance while I'm in school (which, because of my lack of debt, we can survive on)!!!

I exciting!!!  Who gets to do this people??  Not very many people would ever find themselves in a position to quit working and go to college full time in their mid-thirties....much less in a single income home! :)

My major you ask.....INTERIOR DESIGN!! 

Maybe not the most lucrative degree in the world, but it's what I've ALWAYS wanted to do.  And probably one of my biggest regrets, that I let fear keep me from pursuing it 18 years ago.  So, I'm going for it!!

Even if I never use the thing in my real life...I can say I did it!!! :)

If you know anyone that was serving post 9/11, and may not be aware of this wonderful opportunity, have them check out this government site for more information.

This GI bill is also transferrable to your child, unlike previous GI bills (although I can't profess to know all the detais on that).

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Room Breakdown - Part II - Still One Sided

So today is Part II of Doodle's room breakdown.  If you missed it, go here to see the cost and story of some of the pieces in this room redo.

And in case you are REALLY behind, go here to see the right sided only reveal. :)

Ok, so first let's discuss the nightstand area in Doodle's bedroom.

Let me reiterate, this bedroom is only 9'1" x 9'9"!  People, that is SMALL.  Really. Really. Small.

A ten year old girl resides in this room. 

So, storage and function have been a big part of this room redo.  I really had to pay attention to what was NOT working before and try to fix that in this room. 

One of the things that did NOT work before was where to put dirty clothes.  I had originally hoped to put a pullout laundry basket into the new closet system.  But I under-estimated how little that closet is, so there was no room.  And since I added furniture pieces to this little room, there wasn't a good place to put a basket anymore where it wouldn't be in the way. 

That's when I had this brilliant idea to build a table and put a laundry basket underneath that could be out of the way, but still easily accessible for her to deposit her dirty clothes into. 

But imagine my luck, when I was in Hobby Lobby one day and saw this table (with a removeable tray on top) on sale for $40!!  When I turned it around backwards, there was a perfect spot for a basket!  Score!!  And I didn't have to build anything!  :)

I ran into trouble finding a basket that would fit under it though!  I had the measurements with me and everywhere I went I looked and measured out baskets.  Everything I found, that would match, was too big or so small it wouldn't hold enough dirty clothes.

Then while I was in Dallas over Christmas, I visited Hobby Lobby's after Christmas sale, and lo and behold there it was!  What I thought was the most PERFECT basket!  And they had 3 sizes to choose from!  I swore the angels were singing! 

Sorry for the really crappy, nightime, overly blown up picture!

I am ashamed to admit this part.....I paid full price! :( 

I NEVER pay full price if I can help it!!!

Especially at a place like HL who frequently runs coupons.  But I had already looked at HL before and they didn't have this basket at mine and I didn't have a coupon....and.....and....I HAD to have this perfectly sized and perfectly coordinated laundry basket!!!

You feel my pain right?? 

I mean, when that perfect piece is front of you....smiling....with the perfect MUST have it right then and there!!!  Even if it means $50 and driving it in your little car from Dallas, TX to Indianapolis, IN over 900 miles!  Right?

Yes, I am totally and utterly ashamed to admit I spent $50 on a stinkin' laundry basket.  ~~Hanging my head in shame~~


Now, that I've admitted to my brief moment of shopping insanity, I will tell you about the mirror.

I purchased this full length mirror at Walmart for $20.  Doodle has been complaining since we moved into this house that we have no full length mirrors.  Even I will admit, it's frustrating.

I thought the brushed nickel finish on this one was much classier than your typical $5 plastic jobby.   

I purchased it with the intent of hanging it on the back of her bedroom door...but two things happened.  One, I decided to put a bunch of hooks on her door for organizing jewelry, purses and belts, etc.  And two, when I reveal the rest of her room, you'll see the dresser is right up as close as it can get to the she wouldn't be able to see herself that well anyway.

I wasn't sure where it would go now and figured I'd have to return it.  I put it behind the nightstand to get it out of the way while I did other stuff....and BAM, when I turned the light on, it reflected out into the bedroom and I knew it had to stay there!  AND...hanging at that height, you can see your full reflection!! :)


Do you see that brown curtain on the right?

WAIT!!  Don't look THAT close!  You'll see all the wrinkles that should have been ironed out, but I didn't! ;)

That is the closet.  If you remember from the closet organization system post, I wasn't sure if I was going to put up new doors or put up a curtain. 

For now, I went with the curtains (because I already had those on hand).  And I'm really loving it!! 

I think it kind of adds some softness and some more of that foo-foo-shee-sheeness to the room. :)

I already owned the curtains from my last master bedroom look.  So, they were free.I purchased an ORB shower curtain tension rod at Target for $11, and that's what is holding the curtains up.

Last but not least, is this little metal bucket:

This little thing actually inspired the blue accent color!

I purchased this at Michael's, on clearance, for $2!! 

It has a small dent.  See it?  Yeah, me neither! LOL  It's turned to the back...woop-dee-doo! :)

This holds Doodle's Bible, her drink coasters, her remote controls for her TV, DVD player and stereo.  It often holds her Nintendo DS.  And it holds whatever book we are reading at bedtime.

(Yes, even at 10 years old, we still read a bedtime story almost every night!  The books are just longer and we read a couple chapters a night.  It's our one on one time no matter how little time we've had together that day.)

So, let's's breakdown in price:

Mirror - $20
Curtains - Free
Curtain Rod - $11
Nightstand - $40
Laundry Basket - $50 :(
Metal Bucket - $2

For a total of $123! 

Adding that to yesterday's total is $153.

My budget for this room makeover was $500.  I'll let you know how I do at the end.


I haven't addressed the little wooden box the lamp is sitting on because it is a yard sale redo.  I plan to dedicate at least one post to crafts and redo's...probably more than that.  The other side of the room has quite a few redo's. :) 
Stop by on Friday, I have a HUGE SECRET I'm revealing.  It's almost gossip worthy.  It's more a personal thing, not really blog related, although it could impact my blog in the long run.  :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Room Breakdown - Part I - One Sided Of Course

As promised, here is a break down of some of the items in Doodle's right sided room reveal. :)

First and foremost, this headboard. 

Yeah, yeah, it needs a fresh coat of paint (and then distressed of course)...but I'll get to that eventually...minor detail. :)

The lines on this headboard were just perfect!  And do you know what else was perfect....I purchased it at Salvation Army for $10!!! 

I love the Salvation Army near my work.  They always have something for me to walk out with and their prices are still REALLY good (unlike Goodwill...but don't get me started).

$10...can you believe it!? :) know with me, there is always a little blip of some sort.

I drive a Nissan Sentra. 

I REALLY thought it would fit in my backseat.  And it almost did.  Except for one stupid piece of wood near the bottom.  ARGH!!  I was willing to hammer it off, but they wouldn't let me borrow one. LOL

So, the guy at the Salvation Army (who has a crush on me BTW) put it in my trunk!  Of course, the trunk wouldn't close.  So, I had to bungy strap my trunk down and drive all the way home (after work because I shopped on my lunch break, where it sat sticking out of my trunk all afternoon in a business parking lot...classy folks, let me tell ya!) with my flashers on, taking back streets from the NW side of Indianapolis, to the SE side where I live....oh, about 25 miles.  Fun times. But so worth it!  :)


Then we have these little lovelies.

These were purchased about 3 years ago from QVC. (Fine, yes, I admit it, I LOVE QVC!)  They are battery operated, flameless candle sconces.  I probably paid a decent penny for them back then, but since I've owned them for years, they count as free. 

Repurposing in your own house is doesn't matter how much they originally cost.  Once they've been displayed in one room, if you move them, then they are free.  It's a rule.  :)

They have been sitting in my garage since we moved into our house almost 2 years ago.  They used to be above my fireplace...but this house doesn't have a fireplace, so I never found a good spot for them.  I was considering selling them...but I'm glad I didn't!


The lamp is something I've also owned for years. 

I was trying to remember how long ago...I figured it had to be at least 4 years ago.  And I purchased it at, no other than, Walmart! 

It's always been in Doodle's room, but before now, it just had a plain shade.  I just foo-foo-shee-sheed it up for this room by adding the trim.  Even though it was recent, I forgot where!! LOL  That doesn't surprise anyone who knows me BTW.  :)

I believe I bought the trim at Hobby Lobby for around $5.


I know for a fact I bought this piece at Hobby Lobby (because I just got it this weekend)! :)

All  Hobby Lobby's wall decor like these were 50% off, so I paid around $8 for this!


I had originally planned to put a shelf under the pictures.  (Here's the view before:)

But the more I looked at it and the room as a whole, I figured there was enough going on without adding a shelf and more stuff to put on a shelf. 

So, then I started thinking scrolly things...just to add a little "sumpin', sumpin'" in that blank space. :)

Just to remind you, here it is with:

Since I'm going to break up this breakdown (oh come on..that was funny), so this post doesn't get ridiculously is the last thing for today, the wall art.

I got these Paris pieces as a set at Walmart for $15.  These are what inspired this Frenchy Foo Foo meets Wild Animal bedroom.

So, here it is again:

Headboard - $10
Art - $15
Sconces - Free
Lamp - Free
Fringe - $5

So, thus far $30 in pretties!! :) 

Stay tuned for Part II of the breakdown.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A One Sided Reveal

Yes, this is a one sided reveal!! 

No....not one sided, as in one opinion, silly.  One sided as in...I got one side of Doodle's new updated tween bedroom complete!!! :)

The other side still is in progress, so this isn't a before and after just yet....but a pretty big teaser!! :)

I am SO  flippin' thrilled with how this room is turning out!!!  But more importantly...Doodle is thrilled with how her bedroom is turning out!!!

For now, I'm just going to show you pictures and later this week I will point out the details and where I purchased or repurposed items and costs.


As I mentioned above, this is just a big teaser!!!  There is still plenty more to show you in Doodle's room redo.

Most of the function is on the other side of the room!  Which is probably why it's taking so much longer to finish.

Plus, don't forget to check back throughout this week as I will be giving details, such as...paint colors, why I chose some of the things I did, what is repurposed, what is new, prices, etc. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Playin' Catch Up!

Man, things get away from me REALLY fast!!  Back in November (yes, sadly, I said November), Brandi from Don't Disturb This Groove gave me an award!!
The Stylish Blogger Award!!

And then, last week, Selina from Creative Juices Decor gave me this award as well (which I didn't realize was the same one until I went to type up the post for it and saw it was the same!)

Before I accept this award, I want to tell Brandi and Selina...THANK YOU!!  I am humbled that two wonderful ladies would give me such a fantabulous award!!

If you have not been to Brandi's blog, you have to stop by!!  She is extremely talented at, I guess I would have to say, all things crafty!  She makes ugly, beautiful again...sews...decorates...a jack of all trades I'd say. :)

And on top of it all...she is a very genuine person!!  And I think you'll pick that up as well when you read her blog.

Selina's blog is alot like mine...a little bit of everything!  She shares crafts, decorating, recipes, and great kiddie projects, and all kinds of miscellaneous goodness!!  :)

She has an easy writing style, with bits of humor, which make her posts fun to read!


In order to accept this award here are the rules:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.

Share 7 things about yourself

Pay it forward to 15 bloggers whom you feel are deserving

Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things About Myself:

Some of these may be repeats that you already have heard, but I always think they are good to know about me.

1.  I live in Indianapolis now, but was born and raised in Bradenton (and Wauchula), Florida.  I left Florida when I was 20 years old.

2.  I served in the US Navy for 8.5 years.

3.  I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers...who eventually gained it ALL back.

4.  While in the Navy, I lived in Italy for 2 years and Hawaii for 6 years (and never actually went on a ship! LOL).

5.  I have a made up song for each of my pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 1 Leopard Gecko) that I pretty much sing to them all daily.

6.  I am extremely sarcastic and have a great sense of humor (and a huge heart.....and butt. LOL).

7.  I LOVE boiled peanuts...which you cannot get in Indiana!  Boohoo. :(

Now the fun it forward to 15 bloggers whom you feel are deserving.
Mel @ Junkin' Junky
La-DEE Da Creations
Oonafey @ Little Pink House
Robin @ Happy At Home
Greta @ Modern Garden
The Cape on the Corner
Lisa @ Paint in my Hair
Kai @ Love in Idleness
Amy @ Keep'n The Sunny Side
Karen @ Joy, Junk and Juxtaposition
Michelle @ Bunch of Craft
Mary @ Lavender and Linen
Molly @ Molly Susan Strong

I know from past experience, some of you may have chosen not to accept awards, and I completely respect that decision.  So, no foul if you choose not to participate. :)

Please stop by these wonderful blogs!!  Each is unique and fan-flippin'-tastic!  :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Check Me Out!!

Check out my new digs!!! :)

My new design is up and running and I couldn't be more pleased!!!   I'm SOOOO flippin' excited to have my own personal design I cannot see straight!!  (Or that could be from my lack of sleep and Lucy having an anxiety attack last night...which I think might have been because of all the snow on the ground...but I digress).

Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs did a fantastic job, don't you think?  She was so easy to work with...and didn't even get mad when I mentioned something about changing the 'dead flowers' in my signature. ;)

She definitely gets my seal of approval!  I figure when family and friends that know me personally say "It is so YOU!"... then she captured the essence of me!  :) 

Thanks Jenn!!!

I feel so official now....I'm all giddy! there an intervention for exclamation points!?!?!?!?!?  I feel I might be at that point! ;)