Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Room Breakdown - Part I - One Sided Of Course

As promised, here is a break down of some of the items in Doodle's right sided room reveal. :)

First and foremost, this headboard. 

Yeah, yeah, it needs a fresh coat of paint (and then distressed of course)...but I'll get to that eventually...minor detail. :)

The lines on this headboard were just perfect!  And do you know what else was perfect....I purchased it at Salvation Army for $10!!! 

I love the Salvation Army near my work.  They always have something for me to walk out with and their prices are still REALLY good (unlike Goodwill...but don't get me started).

$10...can you believe it!? :) know with me, there is always a little blip of some sort.

I drive a Nissan Sentra. 

I REALLY thought it would fit in my backseat.  And it almost did.  Except for one stupid piece of wood near the bottom.  ARGH!!  I was willing to hammer it off, but they wouldn't let me borrow one. LOL

So, the guy at the Salvation Army (who has a crush on me BTW) put it in my trunk!  Of course, the trunk wouldn't close.  So, I had to bungy strap my trunk down and drive all the way home (after work because I shopped on my lunch break, where it sat sticking out of my trunk all afternoon in a business parking lot...classy folks, let me tell ya!) with my flashers on, taking back streets from the NW side of Indianapolis, to the SE side where I live....oh, about 25 miles.  Fun times. But so worth it!  :)


Then we have these little lovelies.

These were purchased about 3 years ago from QVC. (Fine, yes, I admit it, I LOVE QVC!)  They are battery operated, flameless candle sconces.  I probably paid a decent penny for them back then, but since I've owned them for years, they count as free. 

Repurposing in your own house is doesn't matter how much they originally cost.  Once they've been displayed in one room, if you move them, then they are free.  It's a rule.  :)

They have been sitting in my garage since we moved into our house almost 2 years ago.  They used to be above my fireplace...but this house doesn't have a fireplace, so I never found a good spot for them.  I was considering selling them...but I'm glad I didn't!


The lamp is something I've also owned for years. 

I was trying to remember how long ago...I figured it had to be at least 4 years ago.  And I purchased it at, no other than, Walmart! 

It's always been in Doodle's room, but before now, it just had a plain shade.  I just foo-foo-shee-sheed it up for this room by adding the trim.  Even though it was recent, I forgot where!! LOL  That doesn't surprise anyone who knows me BTW.  :)

I believe I bought the trim at Hobby Lobby for around $5.


I know for a fact I bought this piece at Hobby Lobby (because I just got it this weekend)! :)

All  Hobby Lobby's wall decor like these were 50% off, so I paid around $8 for this!


I had originally planned to put a shelf under the pictures.  (Here's the view before:)

But the more I looked at it and the room as a whole, I figured there was enough going on without adding a shelf and more stuff to put on a shelf. 

So, then I started thinking scrolly things...just to add a little "sumpin', sumpin'" in that blank space. :)

Just to remind you, here it is with:

Since I'm going to break up this breakdown (oh come on..that was funny), so this post doesn't get ridiculously is the last thing for today, the wall art.

I got these Paris pieces as a set at Walmart for $15.  These are what inspired this Frenchy Foo Foo meets Wild Animal bedroom.

So, here it is again:

Headboard - $10
Art - $15
Sconces - Free
Lamp - Free
Fringe - $5

So, thus far $30 in pretties!! :) 

Stay tuned for Part II of the breakdown.


  1. Only 10 bucks for her headboard!! Lucky you! I need to start making more trips to the S.A. I agree with you about Goodwill's prices. Crazy huh! loving what you've done with her room! The sconces are really,really nice!!!

  2. That's an interesting tid-bit about your Salvation Army and Goodwill! Ironically, ours are the exact opposite and Goodwill is a little less expensive. It's certainly something to keep in mind though when looking around!

    Well done my friend, well done!

    Many Blessings,

  3. You've put together a fantastic looking room! I love QVC too and have the flameless candles/sconces from them.

  4. ha! i knew they were the sconces from qvc as soon as i saw them in this post...i love my qvc flameless candles, too! they're like magic, coming on by themselves. and i lol at the thought of you trying to get that headboard in your trunk and driving home like that. oy!

  5. You did such a great job of tying together all of the elements in this to hear the background stories.(-:

  6. That is too funny..having to bungee the truck down..know why? cause I have done the very same thing on my lunch hour..ha. The room is adorable..I love the colors! and that headboard for $10? why can't I find deals like that :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    (btw..I'm about 1 1/2 hours South of Indy)

  7. Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is awesome! We are new followers!

  8. I love your repurposing rule. ;)I like all the pretties. So fun!

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  10. You make me laugh! I love the room so far. Can't wait to see the rest. It makes me want to redecorate my two oldest daughter's room!

  11. hahaha! That is a great determination story!!! One time I bought a cabinet too big for my trunk at SA. But the nice man went in and got a tie and used it to strap my trunk down!! gotta love it! Girls and their toys!