Thursday, January 20, 2011

Room Breakdown - Part II - Still One Sided

So today is Part II of Doodle's room breakdown.  If you missed it, go here to see the cost and story of some of the pieces in this room redo.

And in case you are REALLY behind, go here to see the right sided only reveal. :)

Ok, so first let's discuss the nightstand area in Doodle's bedroom.

Let me reiterate, this bedroom is only 9'1" x 9'9"!  People, that is SMALL.  Really. Really. Small.

A ten year old girl resides in this room. 

So, storage and function have been a big part of this room redo.  I really had to pay attention to what was NOT working before and try to fix that in this room. 

One of the things that did NOT work before was where to put dirty clothes.  I had originally hoped to put a pullout laundry basket into the new closet system.  But I under-estimated how little that closet is, so there was no room.  And since I added furniture pieces to this little room, there wasn't a good place to put a basket anymore where it wouldn't be in the way. 

That's when I had this brilliant idea to build a table and put a laundry basket underneath that could be out of the way, but still easily accessible for her to deposit her dirty clothes into. 

But imagine my luck, when I was in Hobby Lobby one day and saw this table (with a removeable tray on top) on sale for $40!!  When I turned it around backwards, there was a perfect spot for a basket!  Score!!  And I didn't have to build anything!  :)

I ran into trouble finding a basket that would fit under it though!  I had the measurements with me and everywhere I went I looked and measured out baskets.  Everything I found, that would match, was too big or so small it wouldn't hold enough dirty clothes.

Then while I was in Dallas over Christmas, I visited Hobby Lobby's after Christmas sale, and lo and behold there it was!  What I thought was the most PERFECT basket!  And they had 3 sizes to choose from!  I swore the angels were singing! 

Sorry for the really crappy, nightime, overly blown up picture!

I am ashamed to admit this part.....I paid full price! :( 

I NEVER pay full price if I can help it!!!

Especially at a place like HL who frequently runs coupons.  But I had already looked at HL before and they didn't have this basket at mine and I didn't have a coupon....and.....and....I HAD to have this perfectly sized and perfectly coordinated laundry basket!!!

You feel my pain right?? 

I mean, when that perfect piece is front of you....smiling....with the perfect MUST have it right then and there!!!  Even if it means $50 and driving it in your little car from Dallas, TX to Indianapolis, IN over 900 miles!  Right?

Yes, I am totally and utterly ashamed to admit I spent $50 on a stinkin' laundry basket.  ~~Hanging my head in shame~~


Now, that I've admitted to my brief moment of shopping insanity, I will tell you about the mirror.

I purchased this full length mirror at Walmart for $20.  Doodle has been complaining since we moved into this house that we have no full length mirrors.  Even I will admit, it's frustrating.

I thought the brushed nickel finish on this one was much classier than your typical $5 plastic jobby.   

I purchased it with the intent of hanging it on the back of her bedroom door...but two things happened.  One, I decided to put a bunch of hooks on her door for organizing jewelry, purses and belts, etc.  And two, when I reveal the rest of her room, you'll see the dresser is right up as close as it can get to the she wouldn't be able to see herself that well anyway.

I wasn't sure where it would go now and figured I'd have to return it.  I put it behind the nightstand to get it out of the way while I did other stuff....and BAM, when I turned the light on, it reflected out into the bedroom and I knew it had to stay there!  AND...hanging at that height, you can see your full reflection!! :)


Do you see that brown curtain on the right?

WAIT!!  Don't look THAT close!  You'll see all the wrinkles that should have been ironed out, but I didn't! ;)

That is the closet.  If you remember from the closet organization system post, I wasn't sure if I was going to put up new doors or put up a curtain. 

For now, I went with the curtains (because I already had those on hand).  And I'm really loving it!! 

I think it kind of adds some softness and some more of that foo-foo-shee-sheeness to the room. :)

I already owned the curtains from my last master bedroom look.  So, they were free.I purchased an ORB shower curtain tension rod at Target for $11, and that's what is holding the curtains up.

Last but not least, is this little metal bucket:

This little thing actually inspired the blue accent color!

I purchased this at Michael's, on clearance, for $2!! 

It has a small dent.  See it?  Yeah, me neither! LOL  It's turned to the back...woop-dee-doo! :)

This holds Doodle's Bible, her drink coasters, her remote controls for her TV, DVD player and stereo.  It often holds her Nintendo DS.  And it holds whatever book we are reading at bedtime.

(Yes, even at 10 years old, we still read a bedtime story almost every night!  The books are just longer and we read a couple chapters a night.  It's our one on one time no matter how little time we've had together that day.)

So, let's's breakdown in price:

Mirror - $20
Curtains - Free
Curtain Rod - $11
Nightstand - $40
Laundry Basket - $50 :(
Metal Bucket - $2

For a total of $123! 

Adding that to yesterday's total is $153.

My budget for this room makeover was $500.  I'll let you know how I do at the end.


I haven't addressed the little wooden box the lamp is sitting on because it is a yard sale redo.  I plan to dedicate at least one post to crafts and redo's...probably more than that.  The other side of the room has quite a few redo's. :) 
Stop by on Friday, I have a HUGE SECRET I'm revealing.  It's almost gossip worthy.  It's more a personal thing, not really blog related, although it could impact my blog in the long run.  :)


  1. Great the laundry basket and the curtains.(-:

  2. Really nicely done! And sometimes, when the item is perfect, buying full price is the best choice!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your reveals!

  3. Erin, I am loving every thing you have done! I love how much attention to detail and thought you have put into each part, and the room is stunning! It could be in a magazine. :)

    And I would not feel bad at all for buying that basket. It is exactly what you were looking for, and baskets in the right size with the look you want are so hard to find! :) I would have done the same thing!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  4. Do you ever have a moment when you see something and think "DUH!"? I just did with the metal bucket to hold remotes and books! I'm constantly struggling to move things, stack things, hide things on my night stand and it never occurred to me to put them in something....YOU ARE AWESOME! And my inner OCD thanks you!

    Many Blessings,

    PS - Could that picture of Lucy be any sweeter?!

  5. Her room is so pretty and grown up looking, yet it has the style that's perfect for a l0 year old.
    I lvoe the side table and the idea of having the basket underneath for laundry.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope you will come over often.
    I'm a follower of yours now and will be back soon.


  6. I love how it's all coming together. A bit steep for the basket, but since it met your criteria it's okay for the splurg. Love that lamp too.

  7. It's all great! I like the curtains on the closet. It adds a nice touch.

  8. Beautiful space - it looks classy and elegant plus young and fun!

  9. Hi Erin! It is so nice to meet you and come by to visit your sweet place here. I have so enjoyed perusing many of your posts. I just love your daughters bedroom re-do. It turned out perfect.

    So exciting to hear that you are returning to school to follow your hearts desire to learn Interior decorating. And that the expense is covered because of your military service. Awesome!

    Our oldest daughters name is Erin. We loved it from the first time we heard it and determined it would be the name of our first daughter.

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment :)

    Kindly, Lorraine