Friday, January 14, 2011

Playin' Catch Up!

Man, things get away from me REALLY fast!!  Back in November (yes, sadly, I said November), Brandi from Don't Disturb This Groove gave me an award!!
The Stylish Blogger Award!!

And then, last week, Selina from Creative Juices Decor gave me this award as well (which I didn't realize was the same one until I went to type up the post for it and saw it was the same!)

Before I accept this award, I want to tell Brandi and Selina...THANK YOU!!  I am humbled that two wonderful ladies would give me such a fantabulous award!!

If you have not been to Brandi's blog, you have to stop by!!  She is extremely talented at, I guess I would have to say, all things crafty!  She makes ugly, beautiful again...sews...decorates...a jack of all trades I'd say. :)

And on top of it all...she is a very genuine person!!  And I think you'll pick that up as well when you read her blog.

Selina's blog is alot like mine...a little bit of everything!  She shares crafts, decorating, recipes, and great kiddie projects, and all kinds of miscellaneous goodness!!  :)

She has an easy writing style, with bits of humor, which make her posts fun to read!


In order to accept this award here are the rules:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.

Share 7 things about yourself

Pay it forward to 15 bloggers whom you feel are deserving

Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things About Myself:

Some of these may be repeats that you already have heard, but I always think they are good to know about me.

1.  I live in Indianapolis now, but was born and raised in Bradenton (and Wauchula), Florida.  I left Florida when I was 20 years old.

2.  I served in the US Navy for 8.5 years.

3.  I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers...who eventually gained it ALL back.

4.  While in the Navy, I lived in Italy for 2 years and Hawaii for 6 years (and never actually went on a ship! LOL).

5.  I have a made up song for each of my pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 1 Leopard Gecko) that I pretty much sing to them all daily.

6.  I am extremely sarcastic and have a great sense of humor (and a huge heart.....and butt. LOL).

7.  I LOVE boiled peanuts...which you cannot get in Indiana!  Boohoo. :(

Now the fun it forward to 15 bloggers whom you feel are deserving.
Mel @ Junkin' Junky
La-DEE Da Creations
Oonafey @ Little Pink House
Robin @ Happy At Home
Greta @ Modern Garden
The Cape on the Corner
Lisa @ Paint in my Hair
Kai @ Love in Idleness
Amy @ Keep'n The Sunny Side
Karen @ Joy, Junk and Juxtaposition
Michelle @ Bunch of Craft
Mary @ Lavender and Linen
Molly @ Molly Susan Strong

I know from past experience, some of you may have chosen not to accept awards, and I completely respect that decision.  So, no foul if you choose not to participate. :)

Please stop by these wonderful blogs!!  Each is unique and fan-flippin'-tastic!  :)


  1. Interesting! Hey, I drive to Indy when I want to fly SouthWest. ;O) Thanks for the award.

  2. That is so sweet. Thank you. I love learning more about the bloggers. I laughed about WW as I just rejoined! I am a new follower too. Thanks again.

  3. Aww...You weren't suppose to make my cry!!!!! Thanks Erin! I loved reading your list and learning more about you! For now on whenever I see boiled peanuts I will think of you!!!! : )

  4. Thanks Erin! You're the best!

    I can't believe you lived in Hawaii for 6 years! Did you ever get tired of living on an island?

  5. WOW!!! Thanks so much! I can now say that I know a lot more about you...very cool!

  6. Always great to meet another Florida girl! I grew up in New Port Richey, and now live in Lakeland with my hubby. We trek down to Anna Maria Island all the time-it's our favorite beach.

  7. Congratulations on the awards. What fun to learn these things about your life; you have done some very interesting things.(-:

  8. Thank you bloggie friend!!! loved learning more about you and I can't believe you were in the Navy and never got on a ship. But I know the greatest thing in your life is that sweet, cute girl of yours. Thanks again! Happy crafty weekend.

  9. Boiled peanuts...Yum! I'm from NW Florida and they are popular there. I miss them.

    I added your new button to my blog. I just ordered my new design from Jenn. Yay!

    Happy weekend!
    ~Melissa :)

  10. you're so sweet, thanks for the award! i didn't know that about the navy. and italy. and hawaii! that's amazing. even further proof you rock!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog...that is crazy how we are so much a like! We do live in Kaneohe Bay on the Marine Base...oh and guess what? I am from INDIANA! Freaky! I love your blog! Thanks for being my!


  12. Thanks for the award. I'm slowing getting caught up on reading posts and emails since last weekend. We went on a getaway for 4 days. Honored - really!! Thanks.