Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Pet Party!!

Debbie over at Debbiedoos Blog is having a Pet Party today!!

In case you haven't figured it out by my side bar...we love our pets!! :)

First we have Bubba!

Bubba is the oldest 'baby' around our house.  He is about 7 years old.  Everyone always asks what kind of cat he is because he is so beautiful.  Doodle and I were looking through a Cat Fancy magazine at the library one day...and there was a picture of a cat that looked just like Bubba!!  It was a Ragdoll.

Now, after some research, we don't dare think he is 100% because those things cost a small fortune and my uncle gave me Bubba when they were 'downsizing' pets.  Plus, Ragdolls have blue eyes and Bubba has green eyes.  But he has the look and DEFINITELY has the personality. 

He is the friendliest cat you will ever encounter!!  He thinks he's more a dog (or human) than cat.  He goes completely limp when you hold him.  He LOVES kids.  He loves anyone and everyone who will pet him. 

He gets pushed around by the other pets because he's so easy going.  He is truly a baby! :)

Other names include, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Bubbalou, Bad Kitty, and Stink Pot.

Then there is Fritzy. 

Fritzy is about 3 years old.  We adopted him from a rescue that was showing their cats at Pet Smart. He was so tiny he fit in my hand.  He fell asleep in my hand while I scratched his little neck...and I was sold!

Fritzy is a cat only a momma can love. :)

He is a Marmalade (which is fancy wording for 'orange'). LOL

He's not near as fond of strangers as Bubba, so he will probably be hiding in my bedroom on the other side of the bed if you come for a visit.  But he is always around under foot when it's just me and Doodle.  He will get in my lap 100 times a day if that's how many times I sit down and get up. 

He is the dinner announcer!  Boo (as I usually refer to him as) LOVES to eat.  And he wants to make sure all the other pets know when it's time for dinner too.  Although if they touch his food he will smack them up side their head. LOL

He performs what I refer to as "Fat Man Eat" on a regular basis.  This is where  he lays in front of his bowl (because of course its too much work to stand), drag little kibbles out of the bowl and pulls them to him and eats...all while laying down.

Other names include:  Boo, Boobety Stank, Fat Man, and Manny Cat.

Then we have our Belle of the Ball and our newest addition, Lucy!!

Lucy is a 3 year old Pug.

Lucy belongs to my brother who was just transferred to Japan with the Navy.  So, we agreed to take her while he was gone...but let's be honest...he's not getting her back. LOL  We ADORE her!!

She fits perfectly into our household.  She is a funny little thing!  And sweet, and loving, and hyper at times, and well, just precious!!!

Other names include:  Lucy Lou, Snorts, Snots, Boogers and Snots, and Bugsy.

And last but not least, we have Simba, the Leopard Gecko.

Simba is probably not the pet that will appeal to the masses, but he is one of ours all the same.  (He is bigger and much fatter now, then he was in this picture, we need new pictures.)
Reptiles are not really my 'thang'.  But in a weak moment, Doodle convinced me to let her get one.  And this little guy has just weaved his way right into my heart as well!!
Contrary to what some may believe, he actually has personality.  He is a friendly little guy.  We take him out of his cage at least every other day. 
Doodle lost interest in him after the first couple weeks.  So, it's mostly me hanging out with the little guy.  He sits on my shoulder or under my hair most evenings while I craft or watch TV.  He's the happiest when it's just me and him and it's quiet.  He will sit on my chest and stare at me.  And I swear he SMILES! 
His skin is scaley, obviously, but his fat tail is soft as velvet!! 
He eats live crickets about once a week...which is actually kind of fun to watch him hunt down. 
Other names include:  Simmy and Simmy Simmy Coco Puff.


And that's about it folks!! 

Every pet (yes, even Simba) has their own song.  Fritzy even has two. LOL

I have declared NO MORE PETS in our tiny little house! LOL  But I wouldn't get rid of any one of these precious furry (and scaley) family members!! 

They bring laughter into our home everyday and are very much entwined into our everyday lives! :)


  1. Erin, I just love your household and your wonderful menagerie! Over the 38 years we have been married, we have had 6 dogs, 2 cats, 8 guinea pigs, and 3 lizards...we love animals, too!
    I was catching up with your last post~ how wonderful you can go to school! Isn't it something how it all worked out for you?!

  2. What a great group...even Simba! I do normally shutter a bit around lizards, but having a son and daughter that love them, has helped me a lot! Your kitties are precious and how wonderful that Lucy, with her big eyes, gets to live with you! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have a house full Erin who knew! The nice thing about it, is that your Lucy girl loves them all. SO much fun. I wish we had more pets too. This party is really getting me thinking uh oh!!~ Thanks again Erin.

  4. Hi, just visiting you and your pets.... I'll be following you, too, as it looks like we may have some interests in common.
    Yeah, I can't imagine having to give Lucy back! Your kitties are great~ of course, I'm partial to kitties... But, you even made having a lizard sound like fun! Someone to keep you company while crafting!!! Thanx for sharing your pets, and commenting on mine! Funny how we give them so many names, huh?!

  5. Awww you have a black puggy too!!! She's adorable!!! Thank you for stopping by from Debbiedoo's pet party!!! All of your babies are adorable!!! and yes, even Simba =) I grew up with 2 Leopard geckos named #1 and #2 =)

    ~The Mama Monster

  6. Wow you do love adorable Erin!!

  7. What an awesome group of pets. :) Our Fritz often gets called Fritzy...which by the way was my Mom's nickname...and my Dad..Fritz. (maiden name..Fitzgerald...which explains the nicknames. ;) My grandson would love your lizard..he had a bearded lizard for years until it passed.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place, I really appreciate it. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    ~ Kim

  8. LOVE all the pets! Well, I'm not really a cat or gecko person but you know what I mean. :-) I love that you & your daughter love 'em all. They are really precious!

    Congrats on going back to school ~ that will be awesome! I wish you the very best in this endeavor.


  9. Your pets are wonderful! They are wonderful for your daughter, too!
    Love your description of each one, love the Fat Man Eat strategy, Bubba's personality (we call our gray cat Bubba), your pug is adorable, and your love for your gecko is inspiring.
    Lovely post! Thank you!

  10. Loved your post and love the "Bad Kitty" nickname. I'll be back to read more soon. So glad you signed up at the Pet rant on Debbiedo's blog! And thanks for stopping by my blog to read "the twins" about Wrigley and his baby.

  11. What a great group you have! Bubba is so pretty. And with 3 boys we had all sorts of lizards, frogs, gerbils, rabbits and turtles when they were little. I just drew the line at no snakes!

  12. All of your pets are adorable! Aren't their different personalities like people? I know mine are.

  13. Wow, what a full and fun house you have! That is just awesome that you were able to adopt your critters and give them a loving new home! We call our little pup lots of different names, too:)

  14. Adorable furbabies! Lucy is an absolute doll! When my 14yo was little, he had a pet that ate crickets. After 2 weeks he got bored and I had to feed it. I promised myself never again.

  15. I love your babies! They're so cute, and I love the nicknames. There must be never a dull moment in your household, haha.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the kind comment you left me too!

  16. Wow, you've a BIG family. Love them all particully the Bubba and Fritzy and Lucy. They're adorable. We can't deny pets bring us fun everyday !

  17. I just have to say that the picture of Lucy is just priceless. She is absolutely adorable!

  18. What a beautiful furry family your have! There must never be a dull moment in your household. Congrats on going back to school. I'm happy that you are able to follow through with your dreams.

    Have a wonderful day,

  19. what cute pets!
    I had a bearded dragon that I loved, he would just lay on me for hours. I think Simba is gorgeous! I love the kitties though, I have a weakness for them and have had them my entire life.

  20. Your pets are adorable. I love the alternate names! Each of our cats also has a handful of nicknames : )