Sunday, January 02, 2011

Closet Organizer

Happy New Year!!! 

I have so much planned for 2011!!  And I figured since organization is usually high on the resolution list, I'd start the year out with my own organization project.

Doodle's Closet!!

As I mentioned last month, Doodle is getting an entire room make over!!

Her closet before was just your basic builder closet...a rod and a shelf...that's it.

Considering it is SO small, a customizable closet system seemed like the perfect solution for maximising space in her tiny closet! 

After shopping all the home improvements stores and online, I decided to go with Rubbermaid's Configurations Closet Kit for 3-6' Closets.  I purchased my system at Menards for $50 (I paid $60, but I got a $10 rebate coming!). Plus I added the shoe racks, for $16 and the extenders so I could put the shoe racks down further in the closet, for $10 each. So, the whole system cost about $90.

This project is one of the biggest projects I've tackled on my own to date!!!

As is with every.single.project I tackle...everything was NOT smooth sailing!

First I gave the closet a fresh coat of paint.  It's amazing how many stains a closet gets in a year and half!  Plus since I never got around to painting the baseboards in the closets when we moved in, I went ahead and painted those as well while I was in there.

People have asked before how I painted my baseboards in my house.  Well, since I've known my carpets are temporary and will be removed, I didn't get super anal about it.  I used edgers and went to, typically, three coats. 

I strongly recommend priming them first, but I'm lazy and didn't want to open two different paint cans.

So, here she is with her fresh coat of paint and newly painted baseboards. happens!  You know, the point where everything goes ALL WRONG!

It hadn't occurred to me that I would need to remove the wood that was already in place in the closet.  So....I had to take out the wood nailed all along the closet to hold up the old shelf!

So, step one was to pry all the wood off.....patch all the holes....sand.....and give the closet another fresh coat of paint.

NOW I'm ready to start actually installing the new system.

You know you are in trouble when STEP 1 says, "Measure 86.5 inches up and mark at each stud" this is where the main bracket for the closet system will hang (meaning the top shelf will go there, so technically the closet will need room ABOVE that 86.5 inches so you can use the top shelf).........and you measure up and the closet only goes up to 82 inches high!

Uh-oh!! get out your new stud finder and......can't find a stud!!!

At this point I realize....if my stud finder would just go out and get me a couple of 'real' studs....they could do the whole bleepin' closet and I wouldn't have to worry about any it!! ;)

Ok, breath Erin!  You're just going to have to wing it!

So, I played with the top shelf and just decided where it would 'work'.  And went from there.

I did eventually find 2 studs in the closet (no....not the kind that would actually do all the work unfortunately).  But of course, they didn't lay in the right place for the closet system.

So, I had to put in an anchor for every.single.stinking.screw I was going to use in the ENTIRE closet!  As much as I wanted to skip this process, I figured it was kinda important the system actually stayed up and didn't come crashing down. 

Of course, they didn't include enough anchors (probably because they assumed you'd be able to find a stud!).  So, I had to run back to the hardware store...Lowe's this time because it's closer.  $6 later I had a bag of screws and anchors.

Back to drilling and anchoring.

Until half way through I realize.....I STILL don't have enough bleepin' anchors!!!!

BACK to the !@#$%#@!##@ hardware store.  Menard's this time.  I don't know why...change of scenery?  NO, that's right, to get the shoe racks this time in addition to MORE ANCHORS.

Ok, breath again Erin.

Actually, after this, the rest of the system went up quite easily.

If I hadn't run into the disassembly of old system (I use the word system lightly here), the closet height issue and the stud/anchor issue, this systems was actually very easily to install.

After all was said and done...I did my "who needs a man" dance (yes, I do this every time I wish I could pass it off but complete it by myself). :)

Doodle is THRILLED with the result! 

We still have to add some pretty storage boxes to the shelves....we've got plenty to still get back into her tiny bedroom and closet.  And I still have to decide whether to decide to install new closet doors or go with a curtain for now. 

Until next time.... 


  1. The closet looks fabulous, yes you could have gotten a couple of real studs, but then you wouldn't have the satisfaction of having done it yourself! Drop by if you get a chance I have a give away going on, a broken china mosaic shoe I bet Doodles would love!

    Happy New years!

  2. Awesome job! OUr home has small closets as well. Your's look fab!

  3. Very nice. You are giving me closet inspiration at this very moment!!!

  4. Doodle is so lucky. I remember when I was about that age, my best friend moved across town and she had a closet just like that I was so jealous!

    And, I often find myself doing "I did it and I didn't need a man dance." Girl power!

  5. great job! i am totally jealous of her closet-and your installation of it! way to kick off the new year with such a fantastic start!

  6. Great job on your daughter's closet. Bigger closets means more room for new clothes!!!! I bet your daughter loves it!

  7. Woo hoo! Go you! If it was me, the closet system would have never gotten installed. haha!

  8. Congratulations on redoing the closet. That is so amazing! Looks great too. My son has a tiny closet and this looks like a great solution for him.

  9. All your hard work really paid off because it turned out beautifully! And it will really pay off as Doodle becomes a teenager because clothes really multiply then! :o)

    Many Blessings,

  10. Excellent...job well done. You must feel so pleased with yourself - it isn't easy to do building projects alone, as I well know. This is going to be a wonderful room I am sure!

  11. Fantastic - loved your post, reminded me of me when I decide to do home handy reno's (it often seems harder than it should be) but it's so much nicer to stand back and admire something you did yourself (and cheaper).
    Love your 'don't need a man dance' I'm a little partial to a 'victory dance' myself at the completion of any project!
    Thanks for stopping by me blog - come back soon, I am now off to follow you about :P
    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick

  12. I LOVE IT!
    So funny that we both just did our daughter's rooms -- mine is turning 8 this month. Her closet is even smaller than your daughter's! yikes..

    Awesome post, I love how it turned out and I think the part about the intructions telling you to measure higher than the closet ceiling was hilarious -- totally normal for Life in the Remodeling Lane, however ;)

  13. Great job - closet hanging stuff is NOT easy! :)

  14. That looks wonderful! I am sure she can find all of her essentials in a hurry now.:) She is so cute!

  15. Thanks so much for the comment! And this is amazing!! I can't believe you did it on your own, I probably would have curled up into a ball and cried after a few minutes. It totally inspires me for E's room...if I ever get off this chair. Great job!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    What a transformation on the closet! Loved this post as I'm hoping to help my mom transform her closet with a system like this but geared toward her sewing rather than clothing!

  17. Shut the front door! you are braver than i. every single time i open my closet, I want to do this and every single time I walk by the closet systems at the store, I want to buy 'em.

    thanks for the inspiration!


    (lol @ 'real studs'

  18. Looks great- I can't wait to tackle my closet one day... it sure needs a good cleaning out!