Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I won!!

A long, long, lonnnnnggggg time ago.....back in December...I won my first ever (and only once since) give-away! 

I won a $25 Pier 1 gift card from the absolutely adorable (and pregnant!) Greta at Modern Garden!!

I didn't mean for it to get this far away from me!!  I'm sorry Greta!!!

I had told Greta, back in December, I wanted to wait to use my gift card because I didn't want to use it for something Christmasy...I wanted something I could look at everday!

So, I waited and about 3 weeks ago, once I figured they were pretty clear of Christmas and their regular stuff was back out, I went and used my Pier 1 Gift Card from Greta!

Can I just tell you how much fun I had!!!!  They have SO many wonderful things right now!! 

But, here is what I ended up getting with my gift card!

Picture Borrowed from Pickles and Cheese because my camera is BROKEN!

This gorgeous tray is called the Petite Metal Tray with Bird from Pier 1!  Although, I'm not sure why they call it petite...there's nothing petite about it!  It's a regular size tray. :\  

Anywho...for three weeks I have moved this beautiful tray around my living room and then into my kitchen trying to find the perfect spot (which is why I hadn't posted about it until now - and the whole broken camera thing too!  (Although keep your fingers crossed my replacement comes today!).  I don't want to use it as a tray, I want to display it sitting up, like art!

While it sat on my kitchen counter, I decided I love this tray so much, I wanted to use this tray as the inspiration for my kitchen!!! :)


Way back before I had many followers, I posted about my kitchen and showed you the sad before and the updates that have been made...mostly with paint.

Well, not much has changed since that September post.  Wait!  No...let me rephrase.  NOTHING has changed since that post! ;)

My kitchen still needs some serious accessorizing!!! 

The colors will stay the same, because, well I LOVE and still, almost 2 years later, ADORE my kitchen cabinet colors!!!  Plus, my tray will go nicely with them too!

Here are pictures of my kitchen (from September...but it looks JUST like this still):


So, here soon, I will begin....Operation Decorate Kitchen! :)

Just as soon as I finish the other side of Doodle's bedroom. ;)

So, once again, let me thank Greta at Modern Garden for the generous giveaway she hosted, which I won...that is now inspiring a whole kitchen!! :) 


  1. Congrats on your win! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  2. That great. Can't wait to see what you come up with. The cupboards look great.

  3. Oh the tray is just gorgous! so pretty and a wonderful inspiration piece. Have fun!

  4. Yahoo! I love kitchen re-do's and can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Is it going to be bird themed or are you drawing the colors from it??!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Congrats on the win! I think the accorizing is so much fun but takes forever because you can't just go out hunting for what you want, it has to find you.
    Also - congrats on going back to school (yes I read a few of your previous posts). Interior Design as a major will probably surprise you. I found out more working in the real world, especially about the business side. Which by the way can actually be a huge money maker (my dad was completely convinced my design major in college was about as useful as "under water basket weaving" until he met some designers and saw their huge house :) Good luck with it all!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog

  6. Can't wait to see where youput your beautiful tray. thanks for your nice comments!!

  7. Yay -- I am so happy you won my first giveaway! :) I am sure your kitchen is going to be absolutely lovely, Erin! Warm wishes -- Greta

  8. Congratulations on winning! Your tray is absolutely gorgeous and while I realize it is full size it really is very petite - so delicate. As for the kitchen redo - you might want to check out this article I saw this morning. It might give you some ideas.

  9. I LOVE your kitchen, Erin. What fantastic colours you've used. I'm off to have a look at your original makeover post.


  10. Your kitchen is awesome! The tray is so pretty. I love trays because they are so versatile.

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  12. I adore this tray and I really like the paint job on your kitchen. A finesse here and there is all you need. thanks for stopping the way, Young and Cute Handy Dandy Handyman is a 27 yr old single too!