Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Home

Before I get started too far into my new blog, I figured a tour of my home was in order. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to judge whether I have any taste or talent before you decide if I’m blog-worthy or not. ;)

First let me say, or request, that you bear with me for a bit. My pictures may not be as professional as you (nor I) would like or even expect. I’ve read over and over pictures look best without the flash…but apparently nobody told my camera this because they just come out fuzzy when I take them without the flash. So, until I can afford a new camera…we must all endure flash photography. Sorry peoples! :)

I realize living small is not everyone’s dream. But for some reason I’ve always functioned best in a smaller home. Maybe it’s because I’ve never actually lived in a large home. LOL

The largest home I’ve ever lived in was probably my last rental, it was about 1600 square feet or so…and it was too big for me. I felt lost in it. It was a beautiful home, but it wasn’t mine. And I wanted something that was all mine.

So, I bought this 950 square foot, foreclosed, fixer upper around the corner from my rental house…
And so far, I’ve turned her into this…
My little piece of the world…my little heaven…my dream!

Now, I realize my home isn’t anything special. It’s not custom, no beautiful brick work, no granite, no fancy landscaping, no high end anything, it’s your common run of the mill 1980’s single story, vinyl, slab home in an ‘ehh’ neighborhood.

But I LOVE it! She’s all mine! I’ve put my heart and sweat into her.

I’m still working on the flower beds and the border (as you might notice by my incomplete brick work by the door – I’m testing some options right now, cut me some slack. :)

I replaced the windows, the outside lights, took up the indoor/outdoor carpet on the porch…(on a side note – indoor/outdoor carpet is NEVER a good idea outside, it’s ugly and MOLDY…I’m just sayin’!)…took out wheel barrels full of white rock and replaced with mulch, and my most favorite thing…I replaced that awful brass detailed front door with my dream RED front door!!

Now, painting my dream RED front door….that’s a nightmare post for another time!
Oh…and yes, in case you noticed it, first, I will congratulate you for paying attention to details, and second, just in case you DID notice, yes, my trim does still need to be painted, but it’s been too humid to paint outdoors. Or at least that’s the excuse I’m using for now. ;-)
The numbers on my door our custom vinyl I ordered from Belvedere Designs. And they were CHEAP...which is my favorite word on this planet!
Ok, so next time I plan on showing you my living room. And I’m sure they’ll be plenty to explain…that I haven’t completed yet. :)

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