Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kids Storage Solutions

First, I want to apologize for my lack of blogging lately.

I thought being unemployed would give me tons of blogging time.  But instead I've been so busy catching up on projects that have been on my To-Do List for FOREVER, I find myself away from the computer more than I would like.

And well, let's be blunt for a minute...I'm a, um, full size plump plus sized thick girl.  A thick girl who used to sit on her rear all day in front of a computer.  My body is not used to going full speed ahead all day everyday!! 

It's tired.  No, wait!  My body is more like, fall onto the couch-it hurts to lift my finger, exhausted, come evening!  LOL

I have so many things to show you, I just have to schedule more time to sit down and blog about it all. :)


One of the things I promised to share with you was, storage in Doodle's bedroom.

As I've mentioned, oh about, a bazillion times....her bedroom is only 9 x 9 (plus a couple inches).

Luckily, she is outgrowing the toys stage, so we don't have alot of that to store anymore.  But we do still have books, movies, CD's, jewelry making supplies, games, art supplies, etc.

Last week I showed the work horse of the room....

Hidden storage is always the best solution!! ESPECIALLY in a small space!

Doodle is anal retentive a neat freak like her mother, so hidden storage is a big deal to her.  Well, she's a neat freak in her bedroom anyway.  The rest of the house, yeah, she just throws her stuff wherever for Mommy to pick up. the nemisis cabinet, Doodle stores all her books, her DVD's, and her jewelry making supplies (another hobby that seems to have come and gone).

I also added a storage ottoman under her window.

This may seem like a strange choice for a tiny kids room, but I do have my reasons.

First of all, let me note...if I was staging my house for sale, I would remove this piece to make the room look larger, because absolutely, it does take up valuable floor space!  But my daughter is beyond the age of playing in the floor....and we LIVE in this house.  Staging has it's place....but you can't live comfortably in a staged house!  (There I said it!) :) 

Hang out space is important to her at her age. 

The bench provides a spot for her friends to sit...for her to sit and play guitar...for her pets to stretch out and watch her when she's in her room....a place for her dog to get up into her bed (Lucy the Pudgy Pug can't just jump up into the bed, LOL).

And more offers more hidden storage for stuffed animals and Barbies (the last of the toys that are still played with)! 

If she's hanging out in her room with her friends or just watching TV and needs a place to put her drink (water only! LOL) or a bowl of popcorn...both sides of the ottoman flip over to useful trays!

So, while she doesn't have a ton of floor space, this ottoman provides more usefulness to her at this stage than floor space.  She has ample room between her bed and ottoman to move around.

I purchased this ottoman last year at Wal-Mart for around $80.  I shopped other places, but I liked this one best for the flexibility it offered with the trays.

Please excuse all the cords!  Someday I'm going to get an eletrician to put outlets in the right places! :)

Later this week, I will show you more storage ideas that I've used to maximize Doodle's tiny 9 x 9 bedroom. :)


  1. Okay, that ottoman? Brilliant. And I'm so glad you said that about staging. I just scratch my head at some of these bloggers who have 5 children AND tablescapes. How is that possible? :)

  2. LOL Shannon!! It's not possibly with my ONE kid. Fluffing pillows is a full time job around here. :)

    I know that I am guilty of pushing stuff aside for a staged photo...I think alot of others are guilty of it too. :)

  3. The cabinet turned out great and I love the ottoman, too! And I definitely use the art of the staged photo LOL!

  4. That is pretty cool that the cushions flip over for trays. I think it is a great addition :)

  5. Using the ottoman in Doodle's room is an excellent idea! We have one in our living room and I can't even begin to tell you how much it has saved my bacon....between the storage and flipping the cushions over when entertaining, it was totally worth the cost!

    Many Blessings,

  6. Very nice ideas Erin! Well done. :)

  7. Sometimes I will wish I could reach through the computer and take what I want. I LoVE it, the color, the shape, everything about it. Now I will be on the look out for one of my own. Thanks for sharing.

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