Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fresh Beginnings


Isn't there always something exciting about starting a new year?  It's like all your dreams and ambitions get a fresh start.  With the beginning of each new year, your dreams suddenly become a possibility again.  :)

I'm very blessed and have a wonderful life.  I truly do not have any complaints about the life I have been lucky enough to live.  But I'd still like to push myself to max out my potential.  I don't make a lot of resolutions per say.  I just pray for continued blessings.  But man, that feeling of new possibilities sure makes your mind wander.  

What are my dreams/plans for this new year?  
  • Be a better Christian!!!
  • Spend more QUALITY time with my daughter!!!
  • Continue on towards my Interior Design degree.  
  • Explore my artistic side more, try my hand at some painting.
  • Grow my blog. (Don't we all aspire to that? LOL)
  • Start using my blog to facilitate online design consultations.
  • Learn Photoshop! 
  • Expand my booth from a wall to a full size booth.
  • Start finishing and selling more furniture redo's.
  • Maybe fall in love? ;)

And the big one I've been tossing around for some time now, but not sure I have the time to manage it properly at this moment...

  • Start another blog (an expansion on my favorite quote by Ghandi - "Be the change you wish to see in the world").  It would give challenges, give ideas (some big, but mostly small manageable ways) on things we can each do to make changes or impact someones life, fun quotes, volunteering, spotlighting people who are making an impact, help find ways in various communities to get involved, recycling, etc.

As far as the house goes, it's mostly going to depend on funds this year.  Things are uncomfortably tight this year with me not working and going to school full time. But here's the dream list anyway...
  • Add bead-board to the bathroom, including the ceiling, and replace the ventilation fan.
  • Add a patio to the backyard (not sure about what type of patio I want or how that will look yet).
  • Finish the fence project that took all spring/summer last year. :P
  • New Bamboo floors (that's been on my wish list for almost 3 yrs now!  Chances are, it will still be on my wish list next year too. LOL)
  • Make a headboard for my bed (also been on the list for several years now).
  • Add molding to the tops of the kitchen cabinets (which I purchased almost a year ago, but have done nothing with).
  • Paint the insides of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Build a bench for the kitchen table.

Phew!  I don't think I can fit much more than that into just one year. ;)

So, here's to a fresh start.....and to new possibilities!!!


  1. What a wonderfully positive approach and you really have some wonderful things planned. I think that everyone is looking forward to a better year in 2012.

    My favorite on your list...falling in love! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! (-:

  2. Goodness girlfriend, that is some overly aggressive goals. I think it is just fabulous that you are working and going to school full time and holding it all together! Photoshop.....I've tried, I am about ready to give up!!


  3. You have some fabulous goals set. I can help you on Photoshop Elements but not sure about Photoshop itself. I think ALL of your dreams can be a reality for this year - from the first to the last :)