Thursday, December 02, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2 - An Ornament

Day 2 of Erin's 12 Days of Christmas!!

Today I'm bringing you what is somewhat a tradition mixed with a craft...resulting in a gorgeous ornament!

I wish I could give you a tutorial or tell you to run down to the store and purchase a kit.  But unfortunately, they just don't exist anymore....except on Ebay.  Which REALLY makes me sad! :(

The companies I know used to make them are Walco, LeeWards, and Sulyn. They are just shaped styrofoam and the kits included everything you needed, plus instructions to make one of a kind of ornaments.

They were tedious. You threaded push pins with sequins and embellishments. But they were fun to create.  And they are gorgeous when they are done!

As a kid, I remember these ornaments so fondly!

My great grandmother (my mom's grandmother) used to make these every year and give them as gifts to everyone.  I remember as a kid our tree being full of these beautiful and special ornaments. 

I loved unwrapping these little beauties from their tissue paper every year.

My step-mom has them on the family tree now.  And every year while I'm visiting and walk around that tree and look at those ornaments!  I can't explain the attachment I have to those ornaments.  Probably more so than any other thing that belonged to my mom. 

They still stand out so clearly to me as one of my earliest memories of my mom and my grandmother and of Christmas.

So, when I became an adult, I started making the little sequin ornaments for MY tree!! :)

Ten to twelve years ago I could purchase these kits at Wal-Mart for around $5.  But like I said, nowadays you can only get them on Ebay (or so I've found).

But I have a decent collection that I've made.  Usually you would get 2 - 3 ornaments in a kit.

And I hope that mine bring memories for Doodle like my Great Grandmothers do for me!

The kits are still pretty cheap on Ebay, so if you are looking for a special ornament or craft, I highly recomment purchasing some and trying them!!

Until tomorrow....


  1. I agree, that is sad! But here's an idea, you should make kits of your own and sell them on Etsy! Find little styrofoam shapes and gather ribbon, sequens etc... And write up your own instructions! Then you can keep those precious memories alive!

  2. Emily had a great idea! I have not seen those ornaments for years. I almost forgot about Leewards I haven't heard that name for years. Yes Doodles will cherish them!


  3. OMGosh, those are gorgeous Ÿ What a pity you can't buy them in the stores anymore.

    Thanks for visiting me over at pittypat Paperie and leavint the nice comment. Hope you can stop by again sometimes.

  4. They are very pretty. I too remember these as a child and pretty sure I made some as well ;)

  5. Very pretty and vintage looking! Thanks for linking up!

  6. I love this. Each ornament on my tree means something (except those star wars ones...but they mean something to my son). Ornaments have such history. I love these cuties.

  7. I'm so glad someone else remember's these from years past! I had no idea you could buy kits back in the day - I just assumed we bought the pieces seperatly!

    Thanks for visiting Life, Work, and Paper crafting!

  8. This brought back memories. My Mom and Aunts used to take these kits to my Grant Grandma's house, when we would go for Thanksgiving and they would all sit and make them together.