Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fabric Wreath - Repost

Last week when I was showing off my "No Soliciting" sign, a couple of readers asked about the wreath on my door.  

I thought since that was a post I did waayyyyy back in the beginning days of my blog, before I had many readers, it might be nice to post it again.

And for those that were around back then, first, THANK YOU for sticking around for this long!!  But, I also thought it might nice to show that some of the things I make to actually having staying power around here. :)


Ok, so I’m not one to normally toot my own horn…but I am SUPER excited about this week’s craft! It turned out GORGEOUS!

I’d love to lay claim to this piece of beauty, but I originally saw this idea over at High Heels and a Hammer and fell IN LOVE! Kristen’s wreath is beautiful! And I knew instantly I had to make my own!

So, I sat on the idea for a couple weeks. Then I found the perfect fabric!!

I bought a pre-assembled pack of fabric at Joann’s Craft Store on clearance that was perfect for my personality and red front door!

I paid more for this than I usually would for a project, but, I couldn’t have assembled a better array of fabrics myself!  So, I paid $14.97 for the fabric pack. It was regularly $29.99!! That’s just craziness in my opinion!

And I paid $3 for the ring at Michael’s.

And then is the easy part!

I cut and ripped each panel of fabric 1 inch wide and 9 inches long.

I’m not going to give a tutorial because Kristen did that already and I followed her steps pretty much as she wrote it.

My pile of fabric went from this:

To this: 

I did not have enough fabric for the outer/biggest ring. But honestly, you’d never know if I didn’t tell you.  It’s still super full and you can’t see the extra ring over all the fabric. It would just be that much bigger if you finished off the outer ring too.

And it was that simple!

Time consuming? Yes. I think it took me about four hours to complete, from cutting, ripping to tying. But I sat in front of the TV watching movies with the Doodle, so it was a complete no brainer task.

And I did get blisters on my fingers from the fabric rubbing wear spots when I tied it.  But SO worth it!

Pictures absolutely do NOT do this wreath justice! It is just stunning in person! 

And I’ll pass on a little idea my best friend had when she saw my wreath…this would be beautiful in Halloween or Christmas fabric!! Or think 4th of July…red, white, blue and star hanging in the middle! There are lots of cute wreaths you could make!

This one cost more than my usual craft projects, but it’s still less than $20 and well worth the price tag for the statement it makes to my front door! And I’m positive it can be made cheaper with different fabric choices than I made.

Fabric - $15
Ring -   $ 3
Total = $18


  1. I didn't see this the first time, but love it the second time. Somethings are just as good the second time around!


  2. i love these colors! this is so fun and funky, and totally fits your personality.

  3. Erin, you are so darn creative! This is BEAUTIFUL! love the colors in the fabric against your door! Great job!!

  4. I love the door and the wreath made it even better!

  5. I am loving that wreath! It is beautiful, Erin! And yea! I get to see your gorgeous front porch again! I truly do love that red door with the numbers! :)

    Are you having a good week? I sure hope so! And I hope you have a great Thursday!


  6. Erin, this way cool, Did you just put the numbers on the door? Thanks for coming over to visit, I am putting you on my side bar so I can keep up and won't miss anything.

  7. Why oh why haven't I made one of these yet?! I SO need one!

    Many Blessings,

  8. Erin that is so cool and beautiful!

  9. It's beautiful! I love the subtle color variations.