Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm SO Excited!

You will never believe what has happened around here the last few days!

Remember this post from several years ago?  Fencing Drama.

Oh wait!  No, it only FELT like years ago.  ;)

After almost three months of tripping over 18 fence panels, 18 bags of concrete, fence posts, fence post covers, caps, screws, brackets, the lawn mower in the is DONE!!!

OH YEAH!!! :)

Ok, maybe not done, done.  But the privacy fence portion is done. And let me tell you....that is HUGE!! :)

I owe a HUGE, MEGA - THANK YOU - to my ex-husband!!  Seriously he worked so hard for three days during his vacation time to help me install this fence!  

Instead of fully enclosing the yard in a privacy fence.  I have opted to install pickets along the front side.  (And hopefully a trellis with gate here as well.)  But that will have to wait for me to find more funds.  I'm sure you understand. ;)

At least in the mean time, I no longer have to look out my kitchen window or sit in my back yard to see this lovely view.  

The abandoned house that has sit there for 2 and half years empty and unclaimed by a bank/person/city or anyone else who should take responsibility for mowing it and spraying the carpenter bees or any other type of maintenance. :(

I had to trim the tree along the backside.  It looks kind of strange now, so some trimming is definitely in the works.  And excuse the work station table randomly sitting in the yard.  I was SOOO stinkin' excited about getting the fence up I couldn't wait to post about it! 

I can't see a soul from most of the yard now!  And they can't see me either! know what that means, right?

Yep, I can lay out in the nude now!

I'm JOKING! LOL means I can start thinking about borders and plants and flowers!!  Adding a tree.  A patio.  A garden path (even though my yard isn't that big).  All the fun stuff. (No, all of this will NOT take place this year, but a girl has to start somewhere.) 

WOW!  I'm exhausted, and excited, just thinking about it! :)

Do you think I can do anything about my neighbors crooked mailbox that has to sit on my side of the street?

Anywho....I will post "Lessons Learned" later this week for anyone who is crazy enough to consider installing a fence themselves. :)


  1. looks great. i know you are so happy most of it is done.

  2. The fence looks fantastic! So nice of your ex to do that for you!! Flowers will look beautiful along the fence. I'm sure you just love it.

    Oh.. and as far as the neighbors mailbox. Nothing a level and a little quick~crete can't fix. ;O)

  3. oh man, that's awesome. a very nice the ex husband....? nice! really nice! i would love to have privacy fencing-you're on a corner-were there not problems with that?

  4. Loving that fence! Your view is great now. What a nice ex. I am wanting a privacy fence so bad! My neighbors behind me drive me nuts. Do you mind telling me where you got yours from?

  5. Finally wooo hoooo good for you! Enjoy!

  6. Congratulations on the fence! How sweet that your ex did this for ya too :)

  7. OMG this was timely! I have a wood fence that is on it's final leg and I want to put in a fence like yours. I spent 3 hours on Saturday digging one hole to replace a fence post.....It is sooo hard, I can't wait for your lessons learned!


  8. You should have issued a warning in the title of this post because I just about chocked on my Sweet Tea when I read that you would be laying out nude!! :o)

    It looks fabulous my friend....a job VERY well done!

    Many Blessings,