Monday, July 11, 2011

Frenchy Fabulousness!

Horton's French Flea Market was gorgeous!

Pattie from The Shabby Chick was awesome!  She's very genuine, funny and down to Earth.  I enjoyed meeting her daughter, Tia, her friends and their sweet   kids too! :)

I met several bloggers which was so much fun!!

I was absolutely in shock when I was looking at a booth and saw tags with this logo:

I got SUPER excited!!  I immediately turned around to the two ladies standing there and asked "Whose Unexpected Elegance?"

I've been following Angela at Unexpected Elegance since the very beginning of my blogging!!!  

Angela, Pattie, Me

And let me just tell you, she is an absolute doll!!  Truly, sweet and friendly!  I am so happy I had the chance to meet her!  :)  

I was so happy to meet her, I forgot to take any pictures of her booth. you already know, French Country or French Provincial is not my decorating style.  So as suspected, I wasn't overly tempted to buy a lot, but I was mostly just enamored by the creative displays.  

The booths were just amazing the way they were set up.  The vignettes were gorgeous!  

I think it takes a real talent to design these booths so magnificently.

So, with that I will just leave you with pictures I took at the show.

These pictures were specifically from a stunning booth, ReLoved Shambora Studios.


  1. hey pretty lady, so glad you had a great time and got to meet some awesome fellow bloggers. i love Patti and her blog too. take care my friend.

  2. Hello
    It was a lot of fun wasn't it! Enjoyed your pictures, take care

  3. Looks like a great show. For some reason I haven't been getting you posts for a while, I am glad to have you back!

  4. Oh Erin- I totally am so jealous of you..what a lovely show you attended...
    thanks for sharing- and good luck on all your new endevours coming up...

  5. It was wonderful getting to finally meet you! I knew exactly who you were and have been following you for a while too. Hope to see you again soon!

  6. Hey great post of the French Flea Market. I only bought one thing that day, as we are in the process of building, and moving, and I have too much stuff, but the one thing I bought HAD THAT TAG ON IT! what a small world.

    Cindy Bee