Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Entertainment Center Redo

Can I just say, this is a project that has been in the works for MONTHS!!

And I do literally mean months!  

It was still cold and possibly snow still on the ground when I bought this lovely 80's three piece entertainment center off Craigslist for $125.

Even though my house is small and I don't like clutter, I didn't have any display space either.  Nowhere to put my pretties.  Nowhere for the things I've collected over the years.  Nowhere I could change things up for my favorite seasons like Fall, Halloween and Christmas.   

I really wanted something that felt built in, but with the flexibility (meaning, nothing actually built in so when I change my mind 1000 times once in awhile, I'm not forced into anything because I do have some ever so slight tendencies to change my mind.) ;)

This is my beauty in her original state.

You can even see in the bottom right corner, I even had the huge 36", 500 lb, tube TV to go in it. 

Over the MONTHS that it sat in my living room, I slowly finished off a bookshelf.  Then a door.  Then MANY weeks later, another bookshelf, etc.  

The huge TV died shortly after I purchased this unit.  But luckily for me, I'm too poor to buy a big TV, so I got a flat screen that would fit inside.

Recently I finally got enough motivation to finish the middle piece!  

But I had a sudden epiphany!  With the whole upcoming foster care thing, I really felt like the computer should be in the living room so I could always monitor what was being looked at.

After moving every piece of furniture in the house around (that might be a slight exaggeration, but it felt like it) to get a feel for where to put the computer and the TV, that's where the epiphany came in.

I turned the center entertainment unit into a computer desk!!!

Yep!  I did!

And all by myself at that!  I'm pretty tickled with how it came out.

For now, I just have the leftover fabric from my no-sew curtains hanging on a tension rod to block all the "ugly stuff".  I plan to cut it to the right length and possibly add a ruffle to the bottom.  I don't know we'll see.

I did not have to buy a single thing to make the transition from entertainment center to desk.  I reused everything I could from the original unit.

I moved one of the shelves up to desk height...even using the cleats from the shelf.  And I used the molding from the bottom of the unit to cap off my desk front.

I painted it the same white as my kitchen cabinets and antiqued everything.

It was A LOT of work!  But it has so much function now and I just love that all the components are hidden and that my computer can be in the living room with style and without looking like an "office".

Now to find a chair...which will have the added bonus of extra seating in my living room!  :)


  1. This turned out beautifully, Erin! Such a wonderful, useful transformation! It's always inspiring how great a piece can turn out!

  2. Looks amazing. You have been one busy lady haven't you? Keep the amazing projects coming I really need some inspiration to do - something. :)

  3. What a fantastic idea. Looks great - are very functional too.

  4. Such a nice idea! I love what you have created. A beautiful revamp!

  5. The 1980s have found their pretty and new function in your home.

  6. I looks wonderful! That was a huge project! I love to hide all of the modern gadgets!


  7. Erin we must be on the same wave length today. I came by and read some of your posts, and then I could not comment, so of course I left. So glad you came by because it led me back to say hello and tell you I love your ET center..looks great. Cute blog award too!

  8. Wow, I love this. You took an somewhat outdated 80's entertainment center and made it gorgeous. I just tossed mine a few weeks ago. I looked at it and looked at it and just didn't want to try. Now I wish I did. This is truly inspiring. Well done!!! Oh, and I am now following you :)


  9. What an awesome makeover! LOVE your "new" computer desk. That was so clever. How did you age "antique" it??? (sorry, if you cant reply back to me, I'm working on figuring out how to fix that)

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