Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Booth is Open!

Yesterday was the day!!  Opening day!! 

I enjoyed setting up my "wall" so much.

I took Doodle with me to sign the contract and show her the booth.  Standing in front of my new wall, the conversation went like this...

Doodle - "So, you aren't getting one of these big ones, you just get this wall with holes?"

Me - "Yes, for now.  I might get a bigger, open booth down the road."

Doodle - "Hmmmm."

On the way home....

Me - "I'm going to come back later to set everything up and decorate my booth."

Doodle - "It's not a booth...it's a wall."

So much for support from my kid. LOL  

So.....being the smarta$$ I am (wonder where my kid gets it, LOL), I am now referring to my wall booth with grandiose terms such as "My Boutique", "My Shop", "My Storefront", etc. :)

These are not the greatest pictures, I had to use flash and it was closing time,  oh yeah, and there's the fact that I don't take the best pictures under normal conditions. LOL  But I was able to snap some pictures really quick to show you.

I was not loving the red when I agreed to this space.  I figured I would ask if I could paint it in a month or two....but for now, I'm kind of liking it.

I need to cover that wonderful, plastic opening at the bottom.  I'm thinking some burlap or something along those lines...a curtain anyway.

And I'm going to make a burlap pennant to hang at the very top of the "wall" to give it some texture and fill in that space.

Some of the items I have for sale are leftovers from my last craft show...which, oh yeah, was EVERYTHING. LOL  

Some of them are things I used to use in my own home.  And many others are my creations or upcycles.

I used old barn wood my friend gave me for my shelves.  And I painted some old Goodwill shelves.  And like this one, I added trim and embellishments.

I upcycled things like this small cabinet....which someday I will show you the before, but I'm working on my brand new laptop today and am too lazy to get didn't have access to my old pictures for this post.

 I started from unfinished wood on pieces like these little boxes.

Painted old ugly brass lamps to make cute new lamps.

Assembled and painted wood picture/recipe holders.

And glued and painted other upcycled Goodwill finds.

Just a reminder, for any locals.  My new "boutique" is at:

County Line Emporium
1285 N. State Rd 135
Greenwood, IN 46143

I'm so stinkin' excited about this opportunity, I think I've got a perma-smile on! :)

And thank you so much to all you and your support!!  Without some of you, I probably never would have built up the courage to make this step!!!


  1. Woo Hoo! Call it what you like, it's going to be a roaring success! I just know it. Follow your dreams.


  2. Congrats Erin! I think it looks great! Good luck with "the shop" :)

  3. I think the red wall sets off your projects wonderfully....it looks SO rich!


    Many Blessings,

  4. Wow, that's more than a wall! What a great use of space and a nice assortment of great products, good luck!


  5. Neat stuff, Erin! I have that turquoise jar and LOVE it:). Thanks for your nice comment about my bedroom!!
    P.S. I have a daughter and a gecko too! LOL

  6. Hi Erin! I just wanted to say conrats on this wonderful booth! Goood for you. I love upcycling goodwill finds and have been thinking of doing this! I will be following to see how it goes!! Good luck and your stuff looks so neat :)
    Fancy frugal Life

  7. Well, your "wall" looks pretty impressive to me :)

  8. I've been out of town, so I'm just catching up on my reading....CONGRATS!! I was just in Greenwood yesterday, I wish I would have read this earlier!

    Good Luck!

  9. i love your "wall with holes" lol. daughters, eh? best of luck with this! super exciting!

  10. Good for you! I love the "wall" and I'd buy half of that stuff if I was anywhere near there. I'm excited for you and all of the changes coming your way. Lisa~

  11. Hi Erin,
    Your booth is looking good and I say you are off to a good start. You have lots of good stuff to offer and all you have to do is get ready to keep filling it up!

    You asked about the transfer method I use on my pillows. Well, I've tried several and have failed at a few. Haven't tried the Citra Solve.
    I made the ones you saw on my blog using tshirt iron on transfer paper, available at wallmart or any place that sells Avery tshirt transfers.
    I just download an image from Graphics fairy, print it on the transfer paper and iron it on to the fabric.

    Hope this helps.


  12. Found your blog from the comment you left on mine the other day. Thanks for stopping by. Your booth looks amazing! Good luck with it.

  13. Love how you decorated and the barn shelves, I wish I had my own little boutique!

  14. Erin, Yeah!!! you did it. I think your boutique is WONDERFUL. It is good to start small and work your way up. Believe me on that one.
    I, too am going to venture out in the "booth" business again. A new place is opening up here in town and I am getting an 8x8 space. Would love to do smaller but when you do furniture you kind of need more space. Can't wait to see how you do and all the fun new things you create.
    Tell Doodle that she and my daughter would get along fine.

  15. Congratulations, Erin! You've got to start somewhere and a wall is not a bad place to start!