Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Yellow Table

Months ago I picked up this little, extremely sturdy, plant stand/table at a yard sale.

As with all my projects, it sat in my garage before I got around to redoing it.

This is certainly not an overly spectacular piece of furniture, but I absolutely LOVE the color! (Strawflower...with a slight bit of distressing thanks to Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.)  And it is one of my favorite redo's to date!

Tomorrow she is going to a new home (via Craig and his list)...which is a total bummer to me.  I really want to keep her.  But alas, the downside of a small home, I have no room for her. :(

Isn't she just precious?!?  

I know she is a "she" because she is so dainty and yet so strong...she could be nothing other than a "she".

And it's amazing how resourceful we can be when need be.  My little vase of "flowers" are actually weeds that are growing in the yard of the abandoned house behind mine.  And yet in a cute Goodwill vase, they look beautiful. 

Such a sweet little lady.

I adore her.


  1. I just bought some yellow paint, thought I would give it a try. She certainly is a cute little table! I have only used Craigs list a couple times. If you ever go dry on blog posts I would love a post all about Craigs list. Can you charge more than say, in your booth. Do you price items higher than you actually want, do they dicker you down? How long do you leave a post on. I have never thought about using it for small items. Anyway just a thought


  2. I am such a fan of yellow - this is gorgeous! Makes me cringe to think of the unique little table I walked away from at a yard sale earlier this week. It would have been a knockout painted this color :( Great job Erin!

  3. She is very cute and I am sure that you will find someone that will really appreciate her...but are you sure you couldn't squeeze her in somewhere.(-:

  4. Such a sweet little table and I love the color.
    Here a few weeks ago I went "yellow" crazy. I painted several pieces that I just love.


  5. Cute table and great color choice! I would never think of a bright, cheerful yellow - it looks amazing.

  6. WOW! It really is beautiful. It would probably work really well in my house :)

  7. I have a table just like this- ugly still as I haven't painted it. Nice to know it can look good. :)