Friday, August 05, 2011

It's a Sign

I made my very first sign!!

I see so many signs in blogland and I have been dying to try my hand at making some for a long time.

I found these signs at the Dollar Tree.

I primed it with spray paint first to cover the stuff that was on it.

Then, I used several different kinds of craft paint to make the lovely gray color it turned out with.  Painting it gray, the watering down some white and wiping it over the wood.  Then, some watered down light gray and mixed that with some black....basically I just layered on colors.

Now, onto the stencil....

I've been talking to Mel from Junkin' Junky (if you don't follow Mel, go check her out, she is super mega talented and not to mention a sweetheart too)  about sign making and how she goes about making hers.  We talked about how she uses her Cricut to sometimes use vinyl to make the words and sometimes she uses vinyl to make a stencil.

We both agree that vinyl is so stinkin' expensive!  So, I was looking for any alternative before resigning to using vinyl.  I asked her about freezer paper, she said I could use that or I could use shelf liner. 

I tried using freezer paper first because it's what I had on hand.  It cut on the Cricut just fine.  But it is so flimsy I didn't feel like it made a good stencil.

I forgot to pick up shelf liner at the store and being desperate to make a sign...I tried using some glossy photo paper I had on hand.  It worked like a DREAM!!!!

Now I can't wait to make more signs!!  Seriously, it might be my new craft addiction. :)

I took this one to the booth/boutique/wall. ;)

I also took some plaques to the booth today.

I really do think my "No Soliciting" sign is working!  I haven't had a solicitor in a long time.  :)



  1. I was wondering when you were going to share. It's fab and I like the layered colours.

    Did I mention that you have to iron the freezer paper onto the wood? I may have forgotten that part, sorry :) It should be fine on acrylic paints, but don't try it on spray paint.

    Are you going to be at the booth (wall, as Doodle says) this weekend? All the best.

  2. So cute! Also, did you make the green pears? I love those, too!

  3. Your booth-wall-boutique-store, is many cute things. I hope that it is very successful. Love the beach sign!

  4. Erin it looks great. I still do it the old fashioned know print it out, color the back with pencil then put it on the wood and press really hard while outlining the word then painting it in..hard - gotta get on that cricut wagon..haha
    hope your summer is going well.

  5. The sign looks so much better--your boutique/wall is pretty awesome ;).

  6. I have also used just some heavy cardstock to make stencils and you could also use the cardboard that come from packaging as well. Love everything you have in your booth ;)

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