Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fence - Part 2

Until recently there has been no progress on the fence.

In case you missed the fence project and all the drama and lessons learned, check it out here, here and here.

I know, it's hard to believe there have been three other posts about my fence, and yet this post is called Part 2.'s been that kind of project. ;)

Last month I had a huge yard sale to raise funds for the rest of the fence panels. And it was such a success I was even able to get the pergola I wanted!!!  Unfortunately, it needed to be assembled.  Every. Single. Little. Bitty. Piece!!!

So everything has sat for the last several weeks.  BUT...last weekend while I was at my booth doing some tweaking, my ex-husband and my Doodle assembled my pergola!! Talk about a surprise!  

And it is GORGEOUS!!

You may be wondering why I chose a wood pergola when I have a vinyl fence.  Well, one, it was cheaper than a vinyl one.  This cost $189 on sale at Menards.  The vinyl pergolas started around $300.  But more importantly, this one is GORGEOUS (did I mention that?)!  All the vinyl ones I looked at were very plain...nothing special.

I plan to paint this white to match the fence.   

Once I get this painted...once I get the money to buy paint, LOL...then I can finally get the picket fence installed on either side of the pergola. 

Of course, the pergola will be centered, it's not it's proper place at the moment...but this is progress for sure! :)

And you've probably forgotten (how dare you, LOL)  but I was working on this paver border earlier in the spring.  I finally finished it!  Well, I finished it up to as much as I planned to do this year....where the picket fence will be installed.  I'll pick it up again next spring.  This is what it looked like last time you saw it.

And here is what it looks like now.

It took me to complete.

Not so much because it was hard, because it really wasn't.  It was somewhat time consuming, but not hard.  No, it took forever because we've had a VERY hot summer!   I'm not a big fan of H O T.  So, I stopped working outside during the dog days of summer recently.  But I finally pushed through and got it done a few weeks ago.

I mostly used plants I already had by moving them from other, not so clean, locations.  Or finally planting potted plants in the ground!  Can you believe I had a catmint plant that lasted two years in the pot I bought it in! 

I do need to put more sand in the "joints" and put some topsoil and grass seed in the areas I overshot when I was cutting the beds out with my spade.

I guess thinking I'm "done" is overrated. LOL

But considering when I bought this house two and half years ago the only landscaping were the boxwoods and white rocks...I'm pretty pleased with my progress....and so are my neighbors.

Hopefully I can show the final fence photos soon. But for now, I am completely in love with my pergola...and my finished border project! :)


  1. I think you've done a terrific job. That Pergola is going to be the PERFECT addition to that fence.

  2. The pergola is super cute - your house looks so charming!

  3. Wow! The pergola is wonderful and once it is painted it will look spectacular with the fence. It sounds to me like you got an excellent buy.

    The front landscaping is very, very nice I think that you have a lot to be proud of.(-:

  4. Girl, do you EVER sleep??? Everything looks fabulous!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Your yard is looking gorgeous! I understand about the heat though. I haven't been doing much outside myself.

  6. Looks good. Then plant some lady banks roses on it..they only bloom for about 2 weeks but it is evergreen so it is nice all year round..good for you. It looks amazing.

  7. Looks fantastic. I really like the pavers you used. Nice clean look.

  8. I really like the way your pergola looks in the middle of your yard. I have a vinyl one, and it looks almost as good as yours.