Monday, May 23, 2011

Gallery Wall

Sorry, if you got a VERY abbreviated version of this post.  I have no idea what happened, but as I was typing it posted on its own. LOL  Don't you hate when that happens. :)

Gallery you love them?  Hate them?  Don't think about them?

Personally, I love them!!

As us bloggers walls are the "it" thing going on right now.  This is one of the trends I just HAD to do. :)

My tiny hallway seemed like the perfect spot.  You can see this wall from the front door, so it's important that it flows with the look of the living room.  And I think the vintage look is perfect for the new changes in my living room.

Most of the frames I already owned.

Like this picture of Doodle when she was a baby...the picture has always been in this frame.

Or this picture of my mom when she was a little girl which used to hang in my spare room.

With the matching framed picture of my dad when he was young.

As well as this picture of my grandparents.

I took new pictures and antiqued them by turning them into sepia tones with Picnik.

I did purchase the smaller frames.  I got them at Hobby Lobby at half price.  So, they each cost around $4.

I took this picture that I LOVE of Doodle and I, and I scanned it on my scanner and again used Picnik to sepia tone it.  Then I just printed it on my printer.  I also did this with my close friends family picture.

Technically this isn't legal since it was taken professionally...but it was so long ago I have no idea where it was even taken.  So, sue me. LOL

The metal "V" monogram (which is our last name initial), I purchased a loonnngggg time ago at the Habitat ReStore for $1.  It was white and I just spray painted it black with paint I already had on hand.

The little plate was in with my mom's old pictures and belongings.   My mom died when I was 10 years old from breast cancer.  So, I don't know the story behind this little plate, but I thought it was adorable.

Now, for the know I always seem to have one. LOL

Let's back out.

Boob light.  Need I say more? LOL

AND, it feels like I need to take it furter down the wall.

This is foreign territory for me!  How far down do I go?  Where do I stop? 

There is absolutely NO room in this hallway for a piece of furniture to go there, so it all has to be on the wall.

HELP!!! :)


  1. I just posted mine today - I have a couple, see what you think. I like them. Great way to fill large walls.

  2. If they are well done I like them very much.

  3. It looks great. I would, in my humble opinion, go further down. I think there is something inviting about taking them below that halfway point. I did a gallery wall as well and after doing a lot of searching for inspiration pics online I found that it really does give it more drama. Otherwise I would drop them all down by about a foot or more. I read somewhere that the wall becomes the frame for the gallery that you have created. Certainly this is just my wee little ol' opinion and nothing more.
    Looking good so far!

  4. The arrangement is great but I agree that it is hung too high...right now the proportion of height to wall is a bit off. Have you tried posting it up first with paper cut-outs? I always like to do that, it really helps, it is easy and then no second thoughts. (-:

  5. it looks great thus far, and i love how you turned the more current photos to sepia so that it jives with the others. definitely take it further down the wall, girl! i would mirror what you already have, it looks like your grandparents photo is largest...i would do another that size and do the mirror image of what you have up top. can't wait to see!

  6. What a beautiful way to display family photos! Turned out very nice!!!

  7. I think a FAMILY gallery wall is wonderful!!!! I had one MANY years ago when my children were little, all their pictures in the same frame. I loved it. Yours looks wonderful but I agree: bring more in to fill down below. You will know when to stop! XO, Pinky

  8. LOL - love the name you gave to your light :) Also, as for pictures with copyrights, I do know that after a certain period of time, you can make copies of professional photos so you may be "in the clear" :) I am completely terrible at gallery walls and so I am just going to sit back and watch what you do. I have a long hallway that is completely blank so I am looking for ideas :)

  9. Interesting...and not a big deal but in Canada,in most cases, when you hire a photographer to take your portrait then you have engaged them in the service and you hold the rights.... so, I would not worry :) no lawsuits should follow.