Friday, May 27, 2011

HELP!! Gmail won't work!




My gmail won't work!

I'm hoping someone else has had this happen and knows what to do...please!

I feel dead in the water without my gmail.  I can't respond to any emails and I cannot post on anyone's blog.

I can login.  I can see my email.  I can read my Google Reader.  But when I try to respond it says I'm logged out and need to login.  I login, it takes me back to my email, but repeats the same thing when I try to respond again.

Same thing when I try to post a comment on anyone's blog.  It takes me to the sign in page, I sign in, and then the comment shows I'm anonymous.

Has anyone ever had this happen??  Can you help??

I've reset my password a couple times, the same thing happened.  Google's help page doesn't have anything like this.  I'm not sure what to do.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! :)


  1. Try downloading Google Chrome. I did that about a week ago and haven't had any more problems with anything on the internet!!! I LOVE it!!!

  2. Others are experiencing it.. Been going on for 3 days now. As of right now, no one knows the reason.. supposedly blogger is working on it. In the meantime, some are using anonymous to comment and signing their name/blog name at the end.

  3. I don't have gmail so I can't help you with that, but starting last night my followers are gone, I see yours are to! YIKKES, it is always something!


  4. make sure you didn't accidentally disable cookies in your browser. Otherwise, try waiting it out a day or two. Google is super good about fixing problems. I'd also echo the person above who suggested downloading google chrome, or at the least firefox (this is assuming you're not using either of these). Internet explorer has more problems than either of these other browers.

  5. i was having this problem, too. i read to uncheck the "always keep me signed in button" when you log in, and that seems to work for me. i am missing my followers on my blog, however, when i go into dashboard it shows the number there. so i am hoping it will all get back up and straightened up, but this has been happenening for a few days already.

  6. I had that happen the other day...make sure you're not signed in already in a different window/tab, or in a different location.
    Good luck!

  7. Ugh - hope you got it fixed. Do you have a 2nd gmail account? I know my gmail got hacked last year and Google shut it down within minutes! I wouldn't have known until I logged into my 2nd gmail acct.

    I know Blogger's been hinky this week. Maybe that has something to do with it?