Sunday, October 03, 2010

Halloween Day 3 - Ribbon Wreath

So, here's my nightmare project!! 

I think I did everything I could have done wrong.  Do you ever have projects like that?

So, I'm going to tell you everything NOT to do!  That way if you do one of these, hopefully it will go easier for you. :)

I used alot of ribbon!!  I'm not even sure how many rolls.  One was from a garage sale for $ .10...which is what prompted this little project that took me a WEEK!! 

Yes...I sat on my couch in the evenings for a week hot gluing ribbon onto this baby!!

The BIGGEST thing I did wrong is I made my ribbon too short!!!  I cut each piece at about 3 inches.  Don't do this!!  Make you ribbon closer to 4 to 4.5 inches!  Why?  Because the shorter piece didn't poof out as much.  This made alot more 'holes' between the ribbons...which caused me to have to use MORE ribbon...which costs more and takes more time!  (You can kind of see in the photo below...look at the black one with white polka's just kind of sticking up, with no poof.)

The next thing I wouldn't do again...I wouldn't spread it out like this.  I'd just fill up a section and work my way around.  I thought I would be smart and make sure the ribbon was spaced out evenly.  The truth's so full in the end you would never notice if the ribbon is spaced evenly or not.

Oh, and this is a dollar three wreath just wrapped in orange ribbon.  But I bet spent every bit of $10, maybe more, on ribbon by the time this was done!

So, while I LOVE the way it turned out...there are DEFINITELY things I'd do differently next time. ;)

Here's a close up when it was all said and done:

Tomorrow's project is MUCH easier and SUPER cheap! :)
Until tomorrow...


  1. I love it! I have always loved the ribbon wreaths but I know that I do not have the patience to try one. haha! I think even with you spending $10 that it's still not bad. If you bought that at a store pre-made, it'd be $50!

  2. ARGH! I've had this same ribbon wreath project in mind myself for two weeks now and am just going to do it! Thanks for the motivation my friend....I'll be sure to post a picture of mine when it's done!

    Many Blessings,

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    Cheers Tracy

  4. Great job! I did a ribbon wreath a couple of weeks ago and definitely had those moments of "oh my gosh what did I get myself into" and "whoa--the next ribbon wreath, I will not make the same mistakes". Thanks for sharing your wreath, it's spooktacular :)

  5. Your ribbon wreath looks great! When I made mine, I cut a few of them too short at first, and quickly learned they needed to be longer. It's a tedious project to be sure, but yours turned out great!

  6. This is a way cute project! Thanks for all the info on making it! Joni

  7. Love it! That turned out really cute.

  8. I love it! I want to make one now!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  9. Thanks for sharing what you learned!! I think it's just darling though:)
    I'd love for you to come by and check out my giveaway this week:)