Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Halloween Ideas

Yes, MORE Halloween!  :)

I know you might be getting sick of Halloween crafts by now, and honestly I thought I was out of Halloween posts...except my porch (which I completely FORGOT about until JUST now!). 

BUT I got an email from Better Homes and Gardens the other day and fell in LOVE with all the cute and simple ideas they had for Halloween and just had to share! 

And last but not least:

 Ok, seriously, how stinkin' cute and EASY are all these ideas!!

I will be honest, I got all giddy when I saw them, but I am so busy painting stuff and trying to get things together so I can go sign up for my antique booth with confidence, I just don't think I have time for anymore Halloween crafts this year. 

But these were too awesome not to share!!

Until next time....


  1. All great ideas. I have some metal pumpkins that look like the real ones hanging on the black hooks. I got them at a yard sale. I can't wait to put them out. You have an antique booth?

  2. I love all those ideas! I would do halloween crafts all year if I could! this is Maria from you craft me up, so I use the program Sure Cuts Alot. (you can buy it for $40-$80 depending on which package you purchase) It is software that you download on your computer. When you open it it looks just like your cutting matt, and you use any font or dingbat you can find on the internet, and then you just use a printer cable, plug it into your cricut and hit cut. It is so wonderful!!! I have thousands of fonts available to me without having to buy the cartridges! I know there are a couple of other programs, one I have heard a lot about is Make the Cut - but I have no idea which one is better. Maybe research it a bit to see which one has better costumer reviews. My sister and I bought the Sure Cuts alot version that comes with a backup CD that made it so we could both download it (not sure that is allowed) so we just split the cost. If you get it, use to get hundreds of free fonts. It is the easiest website to download fonts from. hope that helps! :)

  3. Ohhh, those are some great ideas! I love that little black pumpkin spider! We still have to do "not scary" halloween around here since my girl scares easily lol But cute "scary" things are allowed :)

  4. Hi,

    You gave me a good idea for another post.(-: These are very cleaver, plus being easy - thanks!