Monday, October 18, 2010

My, oh my....Stinker Pie! (For real this time)

I accidently published my post the other day and did NOT mean to at all. I deleted it, but it still went to your reader or email anyway.  So, here it is, actually ready to be posted. ;)

LOL...there is absolutely no connection to my stupid title and today's blog in case you were wondering! ;) I'm one of those people who make up dumb rhymes and even worse songs all the time.

Each pet, and my Doodle, all have songs of their own.

Fritzy, for instance, (also known as Boo Stank, Lizard Head 2, Moose Boy, and Manny Cat - and many more) I sing "He's a Manny Cat, Manny Cat on the run"...completely out of tune to the 1980's song by Hall and Oats "She's a Maniac".

You are welcome....I know you'll be signing it all day now. :P

You know how it is when you start out get so excited over your first follower and then your second...and you start dreaming about the day you'll have 10 followers, etc. It's like "WOW! Someone is interested in what I have to say!"

Well, I had a 'goal' in my head a couple months ago that I'd like to get to 30 followers by January...I think I was hovering around 10 followers when I made that goal. Keep in mind, I haven't been blogging all that long, since July is all.

So, as my number started growing a few weeks ago...and FAST...I figured I'd do a big giveaway for hitting 50 followers.

Well as of this past weekend...that number has come and gone my friends!!!


Unfortunately, I did not get a giveaway planned in time. :( So, now I have to come up with a new number!! And figure out WHAT in the world to do as a giveaway?? ;)

When we (we, as in, me and you, because I just feel like the facilitator in a joint effort here) hit 70 followers I will host another giveaway! :)

And between now and then.......I'll figure out what that will be. LOL

Can I tell you a secret, hopefully without sounding all 'whenchy' first give away didn't go so well. My feelings were hurt so tremendously, I've been totally gun shy about doing another give away.

I was so excited about it, I made it in conjunction with voting for my logo, (which hasn't been debuted yet because I haven't figured out how to make it NOT so GINORMOUS everytime I post it! I'm about 'this' close to giving up and hiring someone).

I didn't want to make people 'follow' me to win or vote. I want people to read because they connect to me and my blog, not because I forced them to. I gave away these frames, and while they weren't expensive to make, shipping wasn't cheap and I took care to wrap them in bubble wrap, and then nicely in tissue sealed with a little sticker with my new logo on it, and I handmade a little card to go inside the box. You know...I wanted it to be special. I was SO flippin' excited about it.

And nothing.

No, "Thanks, I got the frames, they were much uglier in person." No, "They made it in one piece." No, "Wow, the package arrived today and brought a smile to my face." No, "I appreciate the effort you went through to send these."

Nothing. :(

I didn't expect neon lights and awards and honors. I just thought I'd at least get a quick email saying they arrived. So, my feelings have been hurt and I've been licking that wound for awhile now.

What can I say...I'm BIG on common courtesy and thank you's!  And I won't apologize for that.

BUT...I've decided I can't let one bad experience sour me from sharing and enjoying with my 'friends'!!! :)  BUT, you will have to be a follower to qualify this time. :(  I'm sorry! 
So....70 followers...and I do a giveaway!! :) 

How 'bout them apples!?

Until next time....


  1. I hear your pain! I did a giveaway at 50 followers....went so bad! So I am like you....why should I bother? I am just not that popular but I have reconciled that and I blog because I love it, I craft because it brings me happiness and joy. You have a great blog, so keep on, sister!

  2. I agree with both you and La-Dee-da, my first (and only) giveaway wasn't well received. I'm now into doing product reviews.

    By the way, here's an early congratulations on "almost" hitting the Big 7-0!!! WOO HOO!!!

    P.S. Did you click on "shrink to fit" when you went to edit your header?

  3. I am so sorry to hear that. It can sometimes be a dog eat dog world out here in blogland. Yes, even among the peaceful-looking crafters. :) That was so kind of you to create your own giveaway and put so much thought into it!

  4. People are lame. :( Yay for almost 70 followers!

  5. Thanks for stopping. You had a terrible experience on your first giveaway! It will never happen again...If you pick me LOL! Courtesy says that you write to the sender as soon as you get the gift and then you blog about it! That's to bad....


  6. you know, that really stinks that you had that experience, and not only that, that someone so ignorant won it!

    i had it in my head that i would do a giveaway after 100 followers b/c my goal was to get there "on my own." i just did my first giveaway, and i didn't really put out the "you must be a follower of this blog" vibe. i wanted to, but i thought of how upset i am to see the follower number go down-why does this happen? why would someone unsubscibe? i did gently say it, but i had people enter who weren't followers. carol is right, they should have emailed you and blogged about it!

    i just won a wonderful giveaway and i could not BELIEVE the shipping fee. i even blogged about how awesome the blogger was to pay to ship it for that price! you should contact csn b/c you can either do a review or offer the code, which clearly you would just send in an email to the winner.

    please don't let that stinker deter you!

  7. I laughed when you said you have songs for each of your pets...because I do too! I've done posts on each of my dogs and written out their songs. I still have one more to do....I know my readers are just dying to know what Sally's song is. Anyway...just wanted to write and tell you I like your cats song.