Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloweeny Finale!

Well, this is it!!! The Halloween Finale! :)

Can I just tell you how much fun I had doing this week full of Halloween projects!!  I've 'met' alot of new people and have been honored by picking up almost 20 new followers this week!  That almost doubled my followers in one week.  WOW!!  All I can say is I'm....EXCITED!!!  Oh, come knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity to tell you how EXCITED I am!! ;) 

Yes....I am just as big a spazz-o-matic in person too. ;)

Thank you to everyone who came back each day to see what I had planned next!!!  I truly am humbled that you take a piece of your precious time to spend with me!!

Ok, no more Sappy Sue...let's get to it!! 

I told you I was going to show you my Living Room in Halloween splendor and outside.  I've decided to save outside for another post so we don't get too heavy with pictures.

So, without further ado:

That's about it folks!  Tours of an uncluttered 12x15 room don't take long! LOL

My home always has a fall-ish feel, so this isn't a major transformation, just Halloween touches added to my already warm, fall-toned, living room! :)

Oh, and I do apologize for some of the overly fuzzy photos...I'm still trying to figure this whole pictures without flash thing out.  Plus, the best time of day to take pictures of this room is morning...when I'm at work. :)

Ok, so next week, I'll show our front porch decked out I swear!! 

AND.....more importantly...with this week being so crazy and all, I didn't get to tell you my super duper, whopper sized, exciting news!!!  Come back on Monday to read all about it!!! 

Don't 'cha just hate being left hanging like that!  :)

OH, one more thing then I swear I'm done...YES....this is my CURRENT living room taken AFTER the pictures from Wednesday! LOL  I finally got it back in order and there is peace in the world again! :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Until Monday....


  1. Erin!

    First off... The room looks great! I'm ashamed of myself because I'm only about half way done with my Fall decorating and I think I mentioned something about posting photos of it, like, Oh, maybe 2 weeks ago! LOL ...Soon

    Anywho, all of your projects are adorable and look perfect where you placed them around the room. I don't know how you pull it all off with all of the hats you wear, but I guess I did it too, a long, long time ago. (sigh)

    Now.... About this surprise???? Come on! You can't leave a girl hangin' alllll weekend!! How 'bout a hint?

    Congrats on a week very well done!


  2. Looking spooky! I think it looks great. What's the surprise? Wonder if it's spooky? Have a great weekend! ;)Alyssa

  3. I really love the candle and how you fixed it up. If you are using no flash you need a tripod or at least something to set your camera on to get rid of the fuzzies. I can't wait to hear about your surprise on Monday.

  4. I love it! Now when do you think you can fly to Washington and get my stuff put up?! LOL!

    Have a good weekend my friend!

    Many Blessings,

  5. I love the white plates with the black silhouettes the best. But then you've been to my blog so you knew I would.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

    I love all of your spooky decor :)

    Meaghan @

  7. Great job on your fall look. It still looks cozy!

  8. should be so proud and happy - it all looks so nice! And, so much accomplished in just one week. Wow!

  9. Everything looks so cute! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry my music scared you :)

  10. Hi Erin....everything looks great. I love the plates. I just made some fun ones myself...have not posted them yet. You seem to love this time of year just as I do:)