Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Halloween Day 6 - She-Bat

Well, we've made it to Day 6!!  And only one more project after today!!

Don't forget, on Friday I'm going to show all my Halloween projects together and decor out and about in the house and the front porch!  :)

I've had so much fun doing this little 'party'!  But can I admit something?  I'm EXHAUSTED! LOL  Blogging everyday has been ALOT of work.  So.....don't get used to it. :P

Today's project, well, once again...didn't quite turn out how I had envisioned it when I started. 

I saw some orange stitching around him.  Oh, and yes, I envisioned a him!  But when I started digging through the kids art boxes (yes I said BOXES....Doodles friends love coming to our house for the crafts and the messes they are allowed to make...and I wouldn't have it any other way!!) I could only find girl eyes!  So, HE became a SHE.  :) 

A dopey she? 

And no need to adjust the picture...she really IS lopsided! LOL 

All I did to make her is to take a sheet of felt I got at Wal-Mart for something like $ .35, cut it in half and use the same clipart I used for the plates project on Sunday and traced around the bat with chalk onto the felt.

Then I cut around the chalk line.  Now is the part where I tell you what NOT to do! ;) 

Don't trace the bat twice and expect him to be a duplicate copy!  It's best to stack the felt and cut through two sheets at once...or it doesn't line up that me.  (If you are a sewer you probably already knew that...a sewer I am NOT.) :)

Second, don't forget when you get ready to stitch him/her to put the chalk side OUT, or else you will SEE THE CHALK when you flip it right side out.  DUH!  Luckily chalk wipes off black felt pretty easy. :)

Now, you could probably save yourself a whole lot of time by stitching this thing with a sewing machine...but as I said, I am not a sewer.  I hate sewing!!  With a passion!  I should say I hate sewing MACHINES with a passion.  I'll even get more specific for you...I hate the BOBBIN!  If someone would come to my house and set the whole dang thing up...I'd sew!  But since that didn't happen, I just stitched around this little guy by hand.

Then turned it right side out.

Now, once again what I WISH I had done (do you see a theme with my projects...I can sure mess them up pretty easy, LOL)...I WISH I had made more exaggerated cuts for the points and the head so they would be more defined once it was stitched.

Now me being all cheap thrifty and 'green' I used old socks that were destined for the trash as stuffing.  I just cut them up and stuffed them inside and stitched the end closed that I had left open.  Glued on my girly eyes and that's it!!

I think that officially makes this project less than $ .40! 

My official plan was to make several of these and hang them on my porch...but I don't foresee that happening by Friday's post.  Sorry my friends!! :( 

Let me just show you what's happened to my house in the last week while I've prepared these posts for this little party of prepared....this might be scariest project you'll see for Halloween!!!

I'm warning last chance to turn may never recover from what you're about to see.....

Told you it was bad!!  The worst part...I'm typing this at 10:30 pm on Tuesday night...and I'm actually going to go to bed and LEAVE IT like this!!!  I NEVER leave a room a disaster like this! 

And, what's worse...I will go to work in the morning...and leave it like this again!!  My ex-husband came in this morning and said, "Are you moving?" LOL

I swear it will all be put away tomorrow!!  Well, it has to be so I can take pictures for Friday's post!!!  Yikes...I could never be a hoarder that's for sure.  One week of this building up and I'm freaking out!  :)
Ok, so She-Bat down, living room disaster down...I guess that means I'm done here for today. :)
Until tomorrow....


  1. oh my goodness...first of all she bat is super cute. can't believe you did so many projects, you go! but that living room...i should have looked away. i am a bad listener! lol, glad you tackled all your projects!

  2. I love the mess! And your bat is cute, too... Whenever I do projects my house looks the same, and I usually just empty a box of cereal onto the floor for the kids. The same thing happens when I'm reading a good book.

  3. I love both the wall art and the bat. Very cleaver.(-: I am looking forward to seeing the post tomorrow on the completed room.

  4. You should get some kind of an award for being so honest...both about the bat trouble and how your house looks after taking on your Halloween Blog Celebration!! :o)

    I'm really enjoying you posting everyday....are you sure you don't want to keep it up?! LOL!

    Many Blessings,

  5. You should see the avalanche that is my dining room table on the weekends! Craft room? What's THAT?

    I think your bat is cute, LOVE the eyes.

  6. I am not much into Halloween but I like how you changed up your blog ;) Is that IKEA magazine holders I see??? You know, I realize that you have a lot of "stuff" in your living room, but it looks pretty organized even if it is taking over ;) Think about all of the fun you have had this week.

  7. My living room looks like that almost every day. It's sad, really. It's been a fun week on your blog.