Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Leave a Comment

In case anyone is unsure about commenting (some of my family and friends have mentioned they weren’t sure how to go about posting comments), I thought I would do a quick tutorial. It’s easy! I swear!  I even tested it.

At the bottom of each post, there is a tiny little section that looks like the example below. You will click on where it says “4 comments”. (This number will always be different depending on how many people have commented on that particular post.)
Now you will see “Post a Comment” and a box. Type your comment in the box. (See example below.)

Click on the drop down box that says “Comment as” and select “Name/URL”. Put your name in the “Name” block. Leave the URL block empty (like in the example below.)

Hit the “Continue” button.

It will show up like “Erin ()”. That is ok! The “()” will not actually post!

And then hit “Post Comment”!! And you're done!

That’s it folks! 

Keep in mind you can use any number of methods in the drop down.  But this is just for simple, leave a comment, you don't have a website or blog you'd like to direct me to, etc., type instructions.

I hope this helps anyone who wasn’t sure!

Until next time…


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