Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Master Bedroom

I finally got the master bedroom finished enough to give a reveal.  I still need a headboard...desperately!  But I've got some ideas I'm tossing around.  I'll be sure to post the update when I get it done.

My master bedroom is small, measuring in at about 11x12.  There is nothing 'masterful' about it. 

Before I bought my tiny little house I had an enormous bedroom suite.  Cherry sleigh bed, two dressers, matching night stands, etc.  But there was NO way any of it was going to fit into this tiny room.  So, I sold everything and then stalked Craigslist for months for furniture that I could afford liked.

When I bought the house, here is what the bedroom looked like.  

Purple-ish pink walls, brass ceiling fan, and 80's looking trim and doors!  It was awful!  

So, of course the first thing I did before we even moved in was to paint the walls.  Plus I painted the trim, closet doors and bedroom door white!  It's amazing how something as simple as white paint can transform a home!

White closet doors look so much better! But someday I'd like to change those out for bifold doors, the slider doors make it hard to see everything...and maybe add molding around the doors?

I know you can't tell but those plates are LEOPARD PRINT! I found them at Home Goods a couple months ago and HAD to have them! They were about $3 each! I love leopard print in case I haven't mentioned it before! :)

Anywho...for my birthday in June I asked for a new comforter from my step-mom. A week later it was sitting on my doorstep! Dontcha just love moms! :)

Once again, I bucked the so called design 'rules' and went dark.  I like dark!!  That's why!  Who cares about rules when you know what you love! 

Fall is my favorite time of year and it is reflected throughout my home all year.

I don't usually go for the whole ensemble when I do my bedroom. But this time I couldn't pass up the gorgeous and lush throw pillows that were the match to this set...well...because they don't exactly match!

I mulled it over what color curtains I wanted to go with.

I decided I would match the red pillows and go with rich red curtains.

That was until I took my little pillow to Target with me and pillows weren't exactly RED!

Now I was in panic mode!!  They were more of a rusty red!  Where would I find cheap inexpensive curtains to match THAT color!

I went to JCPenney and they had a pair that were pretty close, but they were EXPENSIVE!  Well, expensive to me anyway at $45 a panel.  I wasn't quite ready to spend that much.

For now I gave up on curtains and concentrated on lamps.  So, I headed to where else...HOME GOODS!!  If you ever want gorgeous lamps for a steal, Home Goods is definitely the place to go!

And indeed, I found the perfect lamps for $20 each! 

The detail in the base mimics the details in the comforter, plus the teal color on the insets also complimented the teal in the set!

But while perusing the rest of the store, you will not believe what I saw....cue the harps!!  Lush, velvet curtains on an end cap!!!  But it couldn't be!!  No!  Home Goods doesn't typically carry curtains.  But alas...they WERE curtains!  Velvety, burnt red gorgeousness!

(Oh goodness...note to self...hide the extension cord!)

I ran walked to my car and got my throw pillow that I still had with me and brought it into the store and guess what....PERFECT MATCH!!! 

I could have cried I was so excited!  But not near as excited as when I got home and opened them up.  Are you ready for this....they still had the tag in them from.....POTTERY BARN!!! 

Ladies, can you say steal of the century!?!?!  $20 a panel!! 

Pottery Barn Velvet Curtains for $20 a panel!!!! 

AND they matched my off colored pillows!!

Could someone get me a tissue...I'm still misty eyed over that find!

(Did you notice the awful brass ceiling fan is gone too!!  But a ceiling fan is a must for it just had to replaced with something more modern and less, um, brassy.) 
But I digress.

After swapping out my ginormous star above my bed for pictures of the Doodle and my two fur babies (Bubba and Fritzy), here is what I currently have:

Did I mention I desperately need a headboard? ;)

Anyone want to donate a flat screen TV for my bedroom? ;)

Once again, I apologize for my awful pictures!  It's truly so small getting good pictures proved to VERY difficult! I tried with flash, without flash, lights on, lights off, two different camera's, standing on my head...ok, that last one was a slight exaggeration.  But you get the gist. ;)

So, there you have it! My not-so-masterful master bedroom!

Until next time...


  1. Oh you did a wonderful job and all on a budget. It is so great that you did your bedroom, that is always the last room I do. We have a Home Goods, but i am last person in the world that has never been there! Thanks for stopping by. If you get serious about getting a booth, the good thing is that they don't have a lease.....If they do go elsewhere, so if you try it for a month or two and it does not work for you it is not a huge investment. At least now you know what to ask.


  2. i love love LOVE that bedspread! i love that it has blues in it, which is not usually the case with the reds and golds. your throw pillows really bring out all the colors. i think your room looks great! yay for you!

  3. AWESOME! however, why didn't our room in Naples, Italy ever look this good when we were roommates?

  4. Well, dear Kelly...I said it's always been a passion. I didn't say I had always been GOOD at it! LOL

    And besides if I had any clue back then...I'd sure own alot more beautiful Italian goods today! :)

  5. Wow- it looks so much better! My family room is red, teal and yellow- fun combination. Have you considered spray painting your ceiling fan- just clean it well and spray away. I am especially a fan of oil rubbed bronze by Krylon- it would look like a dark metal- might be a nice touch. My bedroom is such a disaster- maybe this will finally motivate me???

  6. Erin it is looking gorgeous in your master bedroom. You have the decorators talent my friend. Beautiful colors and bedding.

    Thank you very much for coming by for a sweet visit. It's nice to meet you! You are always welcome anytime.

    Blessings to you and yours.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

    PS I adore your precious kitties!

  7. I love a freshly painted room...big improvement for your bedroom. I am waiting for a head board too...actually I would like a whole new bedroom set :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Your room turned out great! I love your bedspread and the curtains are to die for. Don't you just love getting such a deal? :)

  9. Melissa - Thank you so much! That is a compliment that makes me grin from ear to ear.

  10. Holy moly! This transformation is stunning! And girl, I think we are kindred spirits because we like the same kinds of colors!

    Happy decorating!

    Many Blessings,