Monday, August 30, 2010

Vote on my Logo AND a Give-Away

Ok, as promised…today is the official start to vote on my new logo!! I’m so excited about this!!

So, here’s the deal-ee-o:
I want something that can be used on any background I so choose. If I want to change my blog background for the seasons, then my logo won’t be affected. If I want to sell my stuff on Etsy, I can use this logo. Basically, I want it to be flexible for growth and other opportunities. I want the name itself to scream “ME”…not the other stuff like colors or layouts. So, yes, I’m only concentrating on the font of the logo…not on a specific color/background choice. Those will change over time.

To vote, simply leave me a comment with your choice of option 1, 2, 3, or 4. It’s that easy!

Or if you have some other, completely different idea, shoot me an email and I will gladly consider all other alternatives!

And since I’m so excited to be making myself more official and not generic, I thought this warranted a GIVE-AWAY!!! Yay!! :)

Remember this post, where I made over my Dollar Tree Frames? Well, I’m going to send both of them to one lucky winner!!

Monday, Labor Day, I will end all voting at noon and randomly choose a winner from everyone who left a comment!

So, here are the four options:

Pass the word along! I’d love to have as many votes as possible!

Right now the vote from family and friends is split 50/50 exactly. So, it’s up to all of you to break the tie!
Until next time…


  1. I like #3. :)

  2. I'm going to say #4. While I don't really care for the font in the word Function - it looks, well, like a functional font, so I guess it works best in my mind.

  3. I like #4. i like the fonts on that one most. Dont care for the font for function on #3.

  4. Ooh... oooh... oooh! I love those frames (have the original post starred in my Google reader LOL!) ... I also love the fonts on option # 3... that's my vote!

  5. I'm voting for #3 and what pretty frames! Thanks for checking out my Halloween Rag Wreath over at A Little Bit of Everything!

  6. Erin, I love number one ... beauty looks feminine and yet function looks small ... like a small space or house! Is that the one Jess likes?

  7. Gma Pat - Yep! That's the one the Doodle chose too! :)

  8. I like #3! :) Your blog is great. The layout is so pretty, too! I found your blog from your comment on Cowboy Phraseology. :)
    pidjen (at) ymail (dot) com