Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Doodle

This may seem like a strange post, but Zerique (who BTW, was my very first follower!!) asked me last weekend if my daughter was creative like me. So, I thought instead of answering her directly, I would dedicate a post to the Doodle!

The answer, Zerique, without a doubt is…YES!!!

As early back as I can remember she has loved to draw!

We had Magna Doodles all over (and no, ironically, that has nothing to do with her nickname) when she was small. In the house for sure and usually one was kept in the car, taken into restaurants with us…you get the idea. And I can’t tell you how many we replaced when they broke or the pictures weren’t clearing away anymore.

She used to spend hours drawing pictures and telling stories to go with them.

One of my favorite pictures of all time, which I actually keep with all my important stuff like birth certificates and passport, etc is the giraffe she drew when she was about three years old. I cherish this little scrap piece of paper!!

In Kindergarten she won third place in a local art contest.

And had two pieces of art shown in the school district art fair in first grade. We thought it was one of those things where every kid had something in it…but nope, it was the real deal, only the best pieces. :)

In more recent years, she’s taken up jewelry making. For now, with larger beads for kids, but I can easily see her transitioning to some pretty cool stuff very soon!

She’s what I would call “artsy fartsy”.

Style trends don’t affect her. She’s not into what all the other kids are into. Doodle makes her own choices about things, like, what shows to watch, what to wear and definitely what music to listen to.

The Doodle, well, she beats to her own drum. She loves music! She listens to Enya and other easy listening musical type stuff when she’s going to bed at night. You’d catch her in Wal-Mart in the candle section picking out a CD from those little kiosk things well before you’ll catch in her in the mainstream area! And yet, the child hates Harry Connick, Jr!! What is wrong with her! LOL

Don’t get me wrong, she loves Justin Beiber too! But it’s clearly her choice when it comes to that stuff and not just doing what everyone else is doing. Which I LOVE and encourage!

She got a guitar last year for her birthday and is getting ready to finally start lessons!

She loves to sing and plans to join choir next year in 6th grade.

She’s been a Girl Scout since second grade.

She is a lover of all animals!! I swear they are drawn to her kind nature. At the state fair a couple years ago a COW followed her around (well, around his pen anyway)! The farmer said, “He’s been waiting for you all day little girl.” A sweet memory. :)  Anyway, she just has a way with animals that can’t be explained until you see it for yourself.

(Sorry for the poor quality…I took this with my cell phone…but I couldn’t pass it up!)

She is a drama queen of the worst kind! And there are days I wonder…will I EVER marry her off! ;)

She’s LOUD! I don’t think she CAN whisper. When she’s next to you, she’s talking to you like you are across the room. I’ve even had her hearing checked when she was younger because she’s so loud!

She’s funny!! And sarcastic…I have NO idea where she gets it. ;)

She’s always looking for the ‘loophole’ in any situation. Sometimes I wonder…will she be a great lawyer someday? Or a fantastic con-artist? Hmmm…

She’s kind! Her heart is huge! She wants to help everyone in need. And she wouldn’t hurt someone’s feelings on purpose if her life depended on it.

She adores hugs!

Doodle still likes bedtime stories…even at 10 years old! It’s always been the one time of day we have solely for each other no matter how crazy the day has been.

And she’s happy!! There are days she is so hyper I want to strap her down and duct tape her mouth. Then I think…but she’s happy. How you can cage that in?

Until next time…


  1. She is beautiful and you should be very proud. She sounds like a wonderful child with a lot of "heart".

  2. What a sweet post. This is certainly a nice photo diary.

  3. What a delightful kid! I love to hear that a child knows their own mind and isn't dependent upon the approval of others to survive. Good for her! And she's got a great heart and a love for animals. I like this girl! :-)

  4. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! And what parent doesn't own duct tape? haha
    She's lovely!

  5. Her happiness is a testament to having a great parent, I'm sure! I love her haircut, by the way. She's so cute!

  6. What a sweetheart! I am smiling from reading this post. Doodle reminds me a lot of my 10 year old daughter. We'd all get along great, I think! :)