Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kaufman's Cottage - A Follow Up

So!!!  What did you think?!?!  Wasn't the transformation of Melissa's home amazing?  I told you it would be. :)

Did you see the similarities in our homes?  We both have found the similarities amazing considering we've only 'met' recently.  Not to mention our 'lifestyle' philosophies are very similar as well.  It's been a fast friendship! :) 

I hope you will take some time over at Kaufman's Cottage!! 

What Melissa didn't show you yesterday was her amazing paper crafts!!  She is extremely talented and makes beautiful cards!!  (A talent I do not possess.) 

But shhh....I'm working on it. ;)  As a matter of fact, tomorrow's 'No Function Friday' involves a stamp!  This is pretty big news for me!

Anywho, since she didn't brag on herself...I will! :)  Here are some examples of the gorgeous work she does!!!  I hope you will take time to see her work for yourself. 

Ok, that's just a sampling of my favorites!! Pretty awesome, huh!?!

Thank you Melissa for guest posting here at Where Beauty Meets Function! :)

Until next time (which is tomorrow!)...  :)


  1. Her cards are awesome and I love that last one. Really cute and great dimension.

  2. Awww....what a lovely surprise to wake up to!

    Thanks my friend and I'm happily looking forward to your No Function Friday post involving a stamp! :o)

    Many Blessings,