Friday, September 24, 2010

No Function Friday - Inspirational Picture and Magnet

It's been an exciting week around here at Where Beauty Meets Function! 

And I am so thankful to Melissa for being our first ever Guest Blogger!  And for allowing me to be a guest on her blog!  It was so much fun for Melissa and I to be able to switch places for a day!! :)

And thanks to Joanie for allowing me to post her super cool pumpkins!!  She doesn't know it yet...but she has some other projects I would like to post as well. ;)

Now onto today's craft for 'No Function Friday'! :)

This project is special to me.  First of all, it represents my exploring of a new craft...stamping!  I'm starting slow here, with just a black inked stamp. LOL  So, let's not get too excited just yet. :)  

And let me tell you...that black inked stamp took MULTIPLE tries!  I won't tell you how many...but it was quite a few to get an even look.

Here is one I did to put in a picture frame for my desk at work:

 I just used scrapbook paper and punches I already had to make the little scallops and rounded edges, plus I aged it with my favorite product...Jim Holtz Distressing Ink!  I glued the scrapbook paper to the little 'perfect-family-that-doesn't-come-close-to-representing-yours' insert that comes in picture frames (this is an old Wal-Mart frame I already had by the way).  I glued it right onto the face side, so the back is nice a plain.  And to top it off nicely I added little sticker jewels to give it some bling! :)  There the kind that change color depending on what direction you look at them from.

And I made this one.  I'm going to put magnets on it for my fridge.

For this one, I used a little piece of wood I had from Michaels.  I painted the back and edges white, then I Modge Podged the cut paper to the wood (after distressing it of course).  I had the nail head trim left over from another project, so I cut the nail part down some, put craft glue in the back 'hole' and then banged it into the wood slightly with my hammer and let the glue dry it the rest of the way into place.  It was real technical. LOL

It is my favorite saying in the whole world and one I try to live my life by as much as possible because I do believe each of us can influence change in others based on our own actions! 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"
- Mahatma Gandhi

I hope you each have a great weekend!!

Until next time...


  1. These are both so pretty...I like the paper and the design. It is going to be fun to see what you do next with your new hobby. (-:

  2. I love that you made a magnet!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment on "Sweet Treat Table".

    PS I'm in love with your studio :D

  3. Mentioning me a third day in a row? Golly, I feel like royalty!! LOL!

    It was an honor to be your first guest poster and I hope it will be the first of many many more....keep up the good work with your new hobby. Pretty soon nothing will be safe from being stamped! :o)

    Many Blessings,

  4. Great quote! Thanks for the inspiration. Wonderful idea to make it a magnet (:

  5. Hey Erin!
    Finally had a chance to drop by and take a look at your adorable blog! I love what you did with your two tone cabinet choice in your kitchen. I did two totally different styles and colors when we remodeled ours a few years ago. I have natural cherry cabinets on the back wall and then for the penninsula where my ovens, sink and dishwasher are, I chose a cream base with a taupe glaze to give them an antique look. I also have bead board around the base of the bar area and the back wall behind my ovens that faces the dining room. You and I obviously have very similar tastes! (Our blog backgrounds are even the same colors!)

    Your stamping projects came out beautifully. That Ghandi saying is one of my all time favorites and the colors in the papers you used and what you did with the scroll work and little beads and nailheads really make both pieces look polished and professional.

    Hope to see more stamping projects in the future from you! I think you did great at it. I probably would have gone through the whole pad of ink myself before I got it right! LOL I'll be dropping by often and hope you stop in and see me from time to time. Take care and I wish you blessings and peace, Martha :~)

  6. These are some pretty awesome projects! You could never tell that you were new to stamping ;) I think we need to see more of your stamping projects.

  7. I have never tried stamping before...but you just might have inspired me to try it! :) Love what you did here...and on the cheap! SO great!

  8. They are beautiful! And the quotes are beautiful too!

    Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

  9. That's beautiful, I love the papers.

  10. SO pretty! I love the colors you used. Thanks so much for linking up to Thrilling Thursday. I hope you will come and join in again next week! :)