Thursday, September 09, 2010

Furniture for a Small Space

I came across something the other day I thought was ingenious!! 

So, of course I just had to share.

Which EXPANDS to this table!!!

Seriously, this is a small home owner/renters dream!  It goes from seating 4 to 6, like that!  

And honestly, it's not that expensive - $449 for the table.

I thought these chairs from Target would be a nice, inexpensive alternative to go with this table.

They are fairly inexpensive ($69.99 for two), comfortable (I own a set in white, one for my office and one for Doodle's desk in her bedroom), come in four colors (espresso, white, green, and this great blue)...and they stack!  Stacking is nice option for storage in a small space.

Until next time...

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