Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Get Motivated Follow Up - Krish Dhanam

Alrighty...here is the follow up to my Get Motivated post

Last week as you know I attended the Get Motivated seminar with many magnificent speakers such as Gen. Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani...and many more!

But as I told you last week, one speaker stood out to me.  Krish Dhanam. 

All pictures are from his website

I had never heard of him and had no idea what he even did.  But what he said...is how I feel.  So, I wanted to give special attention to what he talked about at the seminar last week.

What I have found out since then, is he is an author and a...get this....motivational speaker. I know...shocking!  Right?  ;)

Instead of me sitting here giving you his bio...just go here to find out more about him if you are so inclined. 

Here are the things he said that stood out to me last Monday:

Limit vs. Where you think the limit is  =  The EDGE

To me that means...keep pushing yourself!  Your limitations are never where you think they are!

Mr. Dhanam said that they did poll and asked people if you had to choose between equality or fairness...which would you choose?  Fairness won by a landslide! 

I wonder why that is such a hard concept for some people to get.  I think it has alot to do with our 'me' society we live in.  But thats just my opinion.

I mentioned this one last week, but it's worth repeating:

Career is what you are paid for
Purpose is what you are made for

Do you strive to have purpose in your life?  Or does your career/job consume you and your energy?

I do.  I want to make a difference in this world!  I go to work because it's what I HAVE to do.  But it's not what I want my life to be described as!

I don't strive to have my name on the news or in the papers.  I don't care if anyone knows my name.  I want to know that I tried...that I made the changes I wanted to see in this world!

I want young people to feel like they can to look to me as a role model.  I want strangers to see my smile and smile at someone else in return.  I want to say 'thank you' so that maybe the next person remembers to say thank you.  I want to volunteer and donate money to help those less fortunate than me....because I am SO fortunate.  I just wish I had more time and money...but I'm working towards a goal to have more time to do just that...because I want to get to the end of my life and have no regrets!!!

Which brings me to the next thing Mr. Dhanam said that struck a cord with me, he said in the end which of these statements will you be saying:

I'm glad I did........
I wish I had.........

One of the things I learned very early on by losing my mother and father so young....old age is not guaranteed...only death is guaranteed to us.  We never know when it is OUR time.  You MUST strive to live your dreams, to have a purpose each and every day!! 

If you aren't making a difference in this world or even just in your community or neighborhood or circle of friends...if you simply live your life looking out for #1...then why are you here?  It must be a lonely existence when there's no one else to think about but yourself.  Just think about it!

Which brings me to the next thing Mr. Dhanam said that stood out to me.  He discussed five things we needed to do as a country and as a people to repair our country.  Before I tell you those five things, he pointed out repeatedly, that he laughs when we complain as a nation...because even our worst problems are solutions to other countries

America certainly has our share of problems, especially right now.  But it's still the greatest country in the world to live in!

So, those five things:

- Genuine Leadership
- Restored Relationships
- Amicable Partnerships
- Complete Ownership
- Effective Stewardship

I'm only going to touch on three of these.

First, Restored Relationships.

I believe strongly, as does Mr. Dhanam, we need to reconnect to society!!  Suburbs have killed our connection to each other!

We've moved out of the city, build large fences so we can privately hide out in our home and our back yard, build these walls around 'our' world that we only invite family and few friends into....and we forget to look out for others.  We no longer see the needs of our community because we so tightly closed off in our own little world. 

Gone are the days of sitting on the front porch, knowing all the neighbors and kids by first name, and even though knowing every ones business might seem invasive to us now....someone always had your back.  A neighbor was watching your home and your kids to make sure they were safe....not closing their blinds and pretending they don't see what's going on. 

When's the last time you noticed an elderly neighbor and offered to pick up a loaf of bread or gallon milk so they didn't have to get out in bad weather??  Then complained about the old drivers on the road?  I'm guilty too...that's why I'm putting it out there. 

Second is Amicable Partnerships.

Mr. Dhanam, is an Indian immigrant.  He has a thick accent.  And he said, this statement would offend some, but he said it anyway....Political Correctness will be the death of this nation

I hate being PC!!  It goes back to which would you choose....equality or fairness.  If we treat each other with respect....respect each of our difference...be kind.....then why do we even need 'political correctness.'  You don't! 

Create friendships with like minded people...you don't have to befriend everyone....but respect that they are different than you and leave it at that.  

And lastly, Effective Stewardship.  Learning to give of yourself.

Basically he said:

- Give more than you have
- Leave more than you take
- Offer praise to those we love
- And remember, whose applause matters?  God's or man's?

As I said before, this man talked so fast, it was hard to capture everything he said.  But he touched a cord within me.  He said things I already believed and try to live...but he said in a way I never could!!

I just hope that every single one of us can get to the end of our lives and say...I'm glad I did.....

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching....I hope we will each take this time of year to look at ALL THE MANY things we have to be thankful for!!  We all have struggles and we all have problems...but if you take off your blinders you will always find someone whose troubles are way worse then your own.

Enjoy your warm bed tonight...someone doesn't have one.  See what I mean. ;)

Until next time...


  1. Great post and thanks for sharing more about him (read your last post too)!

    One thing about your post I would really like some more on though. What did Krish mean by his equality or fairness segment of the speech?

    If you're interested, I have a collection of Krish Dhanam quotes I've put together here on my blog.

    Thanks again!

  2. This is a very well written article and I totally agree with his "5 things". The answer to the last question is "God" because at the end of this life, that is who we will have to answer to. :)

  3. Robin, I'm trying to think back to remember what he was talking about when he said that. I just can't remember at this point what he lead into from that statement.

    I took from what he was saying that fairness erases all the need for equality. Because if you treat everyone FAIR you are blind to race, religion, sex, or creed.

    Fairness allows you to treat everyone based on their merit.

    Equality forces you to treat everyone based on their attributes.

  4. This is a wonderful post that made me stop annd think what really matters! Thank you and thanks for your nice comments!

  5. This was a beautifully written post. Thoughtful, insightful and interesting. What an amazing group of speakers. I love when I can walk away from an event and really take something from it. Thank you for sharing.