Monday, November 01, 2010

Think outside the (light) box!

I get emails every day or two highlighting products being sold on Etsy.  More often than not, the items they highlight are strange to me...and the stranger the more expensive!! 

But the other day, I opened one and I saw this:

SERIOUSLY!!  Why am I not this creative??

A blender.  Made into a pendant.  How. cool. is. that.

I will not lie.  This blender pendant has absolutely no place in my home.  But it doesn't stop me from thinking it would be super neat in someone elses!!  :)

The Etsy shop is named Boots N Gus and you can see all their vintage and upcycled stuff here.

This is not a sponsorship thing or anything like that (I don't have anything like that around here)...I just thought their ideas were super cool! To be honest I didn't even ask their permission to talk about them...although I can't imagine anyone being offended by free publicity. :)

But check all these pendants out!!

These are made from old TUPPERWARE!!!

Or this made from an old peanut jar!!  Remember when they were actually made of glass and looked like this?  (Or am I telling you my age? LOL)

Or this one made from paper plate holders!

Or a tissue holder and a plastic basket:

Now, these I could possibly see in my home:

Or how about these in a kids room or play room!!

YES people....those are BUNDT PANS!!!

Again....why can't I be this creative!! 

Imagine all the possibilities if you can make all this from vintage cookware!!!!

Until next time...


  1. I especially like the Kilner-type jar.

    You're so right they are reeeeeally unususal.

    I often look at other people's things and think "Why aren't I that creative" but then other people sometimes say that to me about things I've made so I guess it's swings and roundabouts!


  2. Love the jelly mould flowers :)

  3. Some I love, some, not so much, but I love the bundt pans and i love creativity!


  4. Hey I like your new header and side bars...very pretty. I think that these are very creative and deserve an A+ for creativity, but I am more of a crystal chandelier kind of girl.(-:

  5. The mason jar idea could definitely be used in my house but all the rest could not. BUT - they are fabulous ideas and now I wish some of them would work in my house lol

  6. I probably wouldn't use these, but I do love the creativity! It seems there is no end to the ideas that people come up with! Have a good weekend...

  7. Hi Erin-

    These lights definitly have me saying why didn't I think of that? What a fun find on Etsy.
    My best- Diane

  8. Wow .. that's some creativity out there huh? Great ideas!