Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh My Gourdness!! on Monday I posted my wonderfully sarcastic post about Martha Stewart (which you can check out here if you missed it)?

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, I really do like Martha!  She just cracks me up sometimes.  Oh, and I'm inherently sarcastic anyway.  :)

And in that post I pointed out Martha's wonderful gourd bowls...where I may have mentioned that we don't do this in the real world...although I really wanted to try.

Here is where I insert my foot into my mouth!

Here is where I tell you I was totally wrong!

Real people apparently DO indeed make gourd bowls and all kinds of other neat gourd-ish things!!

Robin at Crafting with Gourds kindly let me know this!  No really....she was super sweet AND she led me to her work at Amish Gourds where you can actually buy gourds all ready for the painting or whatever your goud-ish little heart desires!!

We CAN be like Martha afterall!!! :)

But here Robin takes all the hard work out for you...or not if that's what you desire.

You can buy unfinished gourds to do yourself.

Or you can buy beauties like this birdhouse

Which I noticed is on sale right now for $27.75.
Wouldn't that make a unique Christmas gift!

Or this beautifully painted bird house.

Or this bird feeder!

Or if you so inclined, you could take on a project of your own with one of the kits offered at Robin's website.  Like this starter kit:

She even has some unfinished ones that are shaped like apples!

And eggsIs it weird I totally envisioned a gourd laying little eggs for these?

How cool are those?! 

Oh...what's that you ask?  Bowls?  Why YES...Robin even carries unfinished BOWLS too!! ;)

And for a little more gourd inspiration...

These pictures are all courtesy of the Annual Gourd Festival website.  

And last but not least I saw this one on Techy3 Design Studio

Um....hello!!  How fantastic are those!?! 

So, I owe all gourds (and Martha) my apologies.  Real people DO make gourd bowls...and Robin makes it easy for us.

Go check out Amish Gourds

And if you do (or have done) a groud project...let me know! :)

Until next time....


  1. i think i might have to draw the line at gourd jewelry. despite my love of fall, lol.

  2. It's amazing what people can come up with...the turtles and frog gourd, then the that's creative!!!

  3. Erin, you have outdone yourself once more! The gourd laying the eggs really made me laugh. Your blog is my favorite! Love how you put things. Thanks again....

  4. Such talent!

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Talk about making something out of gourds...that first picture would make a great painting. Happy Thanksgving to you and Doodle.(-:

  6. Some of those are absolutely amazing works of art! Beautiful!