Friday, November 19, 2010

My Favorite Things - It's a Party!

I just found out that Melissa over at 320 Sycamore is having a party today!!!

It's her annual Favorite Things Party!!

I was going to do a post like this next month...but I can't miss out on a party!  So, you get this post early! :)

Five of my favorite things (store bought things...of course family is first)!


Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume! 

I am allergic to most perfumes.  But this is the one perfume I can wear without giving me a migraine and it smells so clean and perfect!

It runs around $40...for me that's quite a splurge. :)


Jim Holtz Distressing Ink!  Especially in Walnut!

You should have known that...I talk about it all the time.  I can't stop myself from distressing everything I touch. :)

They run just under $5...but I always use a coupon!


Bare Minerals Foundation and Mineral Veil!

Seriously, I used to be the pancake, super thick make-up girl.  But when I tried Bare Mineral makeup...I'll never go back!  It's so light, there is never a make-up line, it covers really well (even though at first I was afraid because it was so light like a powder).  I also use their blush...although I'm not as big a fan of their eye make-up.

It runs somewhere around $20...but it lasts!


My purse!!

I purchased this purse several months ago on Etsy from a shop called, A Touch of Stardust.  And I completely ADORE it!!!

She does fantastic quality work!!  It has pockets inside, quilting...and isn't that little flower addition just to die for!! :)  She has tons of fun fabrics and different styles too.

I will DEFINITELY purchase from her again!

And lastly:


Panera Bread Chai Tea Latte!

Oh my friends!!!  I will never turn down Starbucks.  But when it comes to Chai Tea (I hate coffee) will never find better than Panera's!!!  They have the perfect amount of spices, it's milky, it's warm....YUMMY!!!  It's the best!!

There you have favorite things!! :)

I'm posting this over at 320 Sycamore!!  Come over and join in!

Until next time....



  1. Thanks Erin, I love your favorite things, I am going to try some of them out!

  2. Hello Erin! I'm Cheryl from over at My Own Snug Fireside. I stopped in through the Linky party. Your purse is so cute! I'm also a fan of Panera Bread. I'm not a big Chai tea person but they have the best bread and coffee. Thanks for sharing:)


  3. Great idea to post 5 your favourite things :)
    Have to join it also... just have to think how to shorten my favs list to 5 ^.-
    Your bag is soooo lovely! My favourite colours, definitely.
    Best regards

  4. Awesome favorite's my friend! And even though I've never smelled the Amazing Grace Perfume from Philosophy, I'm always attracted to the bottle....I think it's time I actually smelled it!

    Have a good weekend,

  5. I agree distressing ink is the bomb!


  6. Adorable purse!

    I must try this Distress Ink... though I'm fearful of an addiction!! I've got a few projects that could use its touch :)

  7. What great things! I will have to try that powder...always looking for a good one. And I almost out!

  8. Your purse looks so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm a follower now so here's to more mutual blog visits.

  9. You're the second person who's recommended that perfume...I need to find it now!
    That purse is adorable!

  10. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your list! Bare minerals is the best make up! haha I look forward to following you now. My husband and I just bought a new house, so I will probably have lots of questions about decorating (if you don't mind)! :)

  11. Adorable purse, Erin! Amazing Grace is a popular one! I loved my bare minerals a friend gave me...I need to get more. Thanks for joining us today!

  12. I'm not a coffee fan either, but I love drinks from Panera. :) My favorite is the cafe mocha!!

  13. I love all things Philosophy...and this scent is lovely! I also like Bare Minerals. But all these things look good to me.(-:

  14. I love that purse! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. I love Bare Minerals. It does last forever! We ate at Panera today but in St. Louis some of them are called St. Louis Bread Co. Either way, their soups and sourdough rolls are to die for!

    If you get a chance, check mine out:

  16. Love, love, love Amazing Grace! I also wear Baby Grace and sometimes even mix the two for an entirely different scent. That's the beauty of the Philosophy fragrances. You can mix them and get a new and beautiful scent and that's not possible with any others I've ever used.

    Been wanting to try the Bare Minerals and now that I have a "review" from someone I trust, I'll have to get some. The purse is adorable!

    I can attest first-hand to the distressing ink, since I've received my beautiful "Family" plaque from you. It doesn't rub off at all and gives it such a lovely, homey, well-loved look! It looks terrific in my family room!

    Have you tried Panera's Iced Chai Latte in summer (or any time really)?? So good and so refreshing!

    I'll have to check out this Linky soon. Looks like fun! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such loving and supportive comments. You are the best!

    Warm Hugs and Blessings,

  17. I will definitely need to check out that perfume because I cannot wear it either because of headaches. You have some lovely "favorite things"

  18. Love Amazing Grace and actually probably use it more often than the favorite on my list ~ Falling In Love. Distressing Inks are the of late I never do a card or piece of artwork without it. And that is a fabulous purse! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Judi

  19. Don't cha just love Etsy!!! Love your purse. I love panera bread too!

  20. What wonderful favorite things. My daughter swears by Bare Minerals, I haven't had Chai Tea in awhile--what a great reminder.

  21. Oooh... bare minerals and philosophy -- a girl after my own heart! I had the "Falling in Love" lotion and loved it -- it smells just like warm blackberries.

  22. love bare minerals..and chai.. now need to try the perfume and panera, thanks for sharing