Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Christmas Season!

I one says that.  But I'm so excited the Christmas Season is here!! It is defintely my favorite holiday!:)

I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend!  We did! 

The tree is up, the house is decorated and I've got some really exciting things coming up around here!

If you aren't reading this in a reader, then you may have noticed the new layout!  I love changing for the holiday or season.  :)

Starting Wednesday, don't 12 Days of Christmas!!!  There will be some crafts...some recipes...some decorating....some traditions....lots of good stuff! :)


Then....HUGE happenings around here!  Doodle is getting a room redo!!!

LOTS and LOTS of organization planned!! 

Her room does not work for her.  Plus she's growing up!  So a more mature room is in the works!  And did I mention....organization?  :) 

Stay tuned for those happenings! :)


So, that's it for today.  I'm busy getting ready for the 12 Days of Christmas!!

See you Wednesday!!! :)


  1. Hi,

    Your new layout looks wonderful...very cute! I am looking forward to all the new things you will be sharing. Exciting!

  2. Woo-hoo!!! I can't wait!

    If your new layout and the decorated tree is any indication of what's to come, we are all in for a big treat!

    Many Blessings,

  3. No one will stop me from saying "Merry Christmas" loud and clear!! I saw right away that you had a fun new header, I love it. Oh, can't wait to see Doodles room redo. Give us a hint ...what colors?


  4. Carol - Leopard has been the requested 'theme'. :)

    So, it will pop it's head in the room (but in a pretty, subtle way, not in a jungle room way, LOL). Beige, browns and pops of a pretty lighter grayish-blue will be the overall color palette!!