Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween is over!

As you know I completely adore Halloween!  We had a pretty good turn out of kids.  I ran out of candy...which is a good thing!

Doodle went as a cat!

But as with any holiday, I'm also really glad when it's over and I can put my house back to normal.

So, out came the storage containers and down came all the Halloweeny decor!

I've always wanted matching storage bins.  So, this year I got them!

I got $5 bins from Wal-Mart and used my Cricut to cut vinyl labels for the containers!  I was so excited with how they turned out!  I'm thinking I should get one more even though I don't need it.  You for growth! ;)

They really are exactly the's just the angle of the picture that makes them look different.  :)

I'm lucky.  Even though my home is tiny...I have a nice size storage shed in my back yard to store all my holiday decor and yard stuffezz (one of my made up words).

How about you?  Do you color code your storage containers, label them, or just know what is what?

Until next time....


  1. I have black containers for Halloween but all the rest are just clear. Doodle was a cute cat! :)

  2. What a really neat idea to color code your buckets. We don't have that many that we use for holidays so they are all just gray. :( Sad, I know.

  3. Mine are all the generic blue ones...I have a small basement to store all the holiday stuff in. The only problem is lugging it all up the stairs!(-: Color coding is an excelllent idea.

  4. I actually do have orange for Fall and red and green for Christmas! That's one area where I'm at least a little bit organized. Mine don't have the schmancy lettering though! LOL

    Doodle looked so cute as a kitty! She looks so much like you Erin!

    Blessings my friend,

  5. I am so NOT that organized! Thanks for visiting my blog! ;) see you around!

  6. Oh Erin another OCD person with holiday decor. I love it. I not only color code the boxes but also have different racks in the basement in different areas for the various holidays. Yes OCD overkill. But I like it being like a department store- over here is the Christmas section - here is the halloween etc..

  7. These are great! I am thinking of making one also, all I need are some cool storage bins now that are not cardboard :)

  8. I do not color code, but i think its an excellent idea. your cricut is turning out to be mighty handy. i need to get one!!!

  9. I am definitely a labeler. Color coding is a fabulous idea too though! Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog about "gratitude" and Thanksgiving. I love your idea of decorating on Thanksgiving Day -- especially under your circumstances. What a great way to spend the day and a fun tradition that your daughter is sure to remember.

  10. Zerique - I LOVE that thing! :)

    But you know...I have to do all this things with it to justify it's purchase. ;) LOL

  11. Both of your cats are so cute! Also, I love that plaid, fall fun!